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The stories show why foreign aid is worth the penny

For 40 years, PATH has worked with the US government, the private sector, and individuals in low-income countries to develop simple and cost-effective health solutions. Support from the US government has been crucial to PATH’s work to disrupt the cycle of poor health. However, the Department of State and the US Agency for International Development […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesA week in China with PATHInnovation: the key to an economic revolution in AfricaNew tools and a “zambitious” goal to end malaria ;

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The imaginary advocate, the benefits of Command and Control, and why I’m just channelling…

Continuing the download from the recent LSE-ODI workshop on ‘new experimentalism’ was this thought-provoking description by David Kennedy of the ‘imaginary advocate’, the assumed individual behind How Change Happens and, by extension, a lot of NGO advocacy. Might be a very interesting addition to the endless awaydays, strategic planning processes etc to ask people to try and spell out the imaginary subjects of their own …

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The power and promise of digital health for Africa

Billions of dollars in health care cost savings (US$200 billion by 2030). More accessible health care services for people in hard-to-reach places. The ability to stamp out emerging epidemics before they reach crisis level. Universal health coverage.

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Don’t miss our one-of-a-kind Seattle celebration

PATH turns 40 on May 12, and we’re bringing an amazing group of next-generation thinkers and doers to Seattle to celebrate with us! It’s a free event—and you’re invited. May 12, 2017 5:00–8:00 p.m. McCaw Hall, Seattle Center (321 Mercer St.) Register today Where else can you hear rising stars from the worlds of culture, commerce, global health, […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesSee you in Seattle May 12Protected: Permettre à tout le monde d’accéder à des toilettes, à la manière PATHPATH’s new Micro Encabulator™ offers lifesaving potential in a smaller package ;

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Innovation: the key to an economic revolution in Africa

An automated medicine dispensing system. A novel vaccine for a disease that disproportionately affects African infants. A low-cost device to prevent mothers dying during childbirth. This is what Africa-led innovation looks like. And it’s on the rise, at a fast pace, creating opportunities and homegrown solutions like never before.

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Malaria Day 17 Years Later: Documenting and Investing to End Malaria

The first time the global community observed a day devoted to tackling the problem of malaria was April 25th 2001. This was agreed upon at the African Summit on Roll Back Malaria held in Abuja, Nigeria in 2000. The first seven annual observances were titled “Africa Malaria Day,” and recognized that the largest global burden of the disease affects people on the African continent. As thoughts moved toward elimination, the importance of addressing all endemic communities resulted in the first “World Malaria Day” in 2008. Thus on April 25th 2017 we are observing the 17th Malaria Day overall and the 10th anniversary of World Malaria Day.

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APHA Component letter to @UNAIDS: South Korea’s #HIV immigration restrictions

After two years, two APHA policy statements (one interim and one permanent), dozens of e-mails (and perhaps just as many drops of blood, sweat, and tears), and a few phone calls, we have finally sent a letter to UNAIDS urging it to revoke its recognition of South Korea’s status as a country without any HIV restrictions – until it actually produces and enforces policies that actually reflect that status. Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Laura Altobelli, our Section Chair; Mona Bormet, our Advocacy/Policy Committee’s policy coordinator; and all of the Components who signed on to this hard-won letter (and the policy proposals that led up to it): Disability Section HIV/AIDS Section Population, Reproductive, and Sexual Health Section Asian Pacific Islander Caucus Caucus on Refugee and Immigrant Health LGBT Caucus of Public Health Professionals Human Rights Forum If there is one thing I have learned through this odyssey, it is that the work of advocacy is exhausting. It takes the old adage of “marathon not sprint” to a whole new level.

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A new case must be made for aid. It rests on three legs.

Guest post from aid guru Simon Maxwell Is the tide turning on aid? Famine in Africa has rekindled both media and public support.  By 20th March, the UK’s Disasters Emergency Committee had raised £24m from the public in only six days for its East Africa Crisis appeal. Red Nose Day on 24th March provided another opportunity to demonstrate support. And on aid more generally, the …

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Typhoid fever: a past, present, and future threat

For most communities in high-resource countries, typhoid fever is a distant memory. While it used to rampage major cities in the United States and Europe, typhoid fever was largely stamped out in the 1940s with the advent of antibiotics and improved sanitation. And for international travelers, two typhoid vaccines available at the local clinic eliminate […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesLes leçons de la ligne de frontPATH is at SXSWHow to survive birth in one of the world’s hardest places ;

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Dr. Georges Benjamin responds to APHA members and Section Leaders

Read Dr. Georges Benjamin’s response to our open letter and learn how you can be involved in public health advocacy efforts: Page 1 Page 2 Tagged: advocacy, Global health, Public health

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Why PATH is advocating for vital aid programs

Editor’s note: The US President’s proposed federal government budget for fiscal year 2018 may include disproportionate cuts of more than 30 percent for the State Department and USAID, and perhaps even more for foreign assistance programs. US funding for these foreign assistance programs is a small—less than one percent of the federal budget—but cost-effective investment that […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesA chance to win at healthHealth care’s next revolution: digitized data to transform livesInnovation is at the heart of Seattle ;

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A masterclass on cash transfers and how to use High Level Panels to influence Policy

One of the things I do in my day-a-week role at LSE is bring in guest lecturers from different aid and development organizations to add a whiff of real life to the student diet of theory and academia. One of the best is Owen Barder, who recently delivered a mesmerizing talk on cash transfers and the theory of change used by his organization, the Center …

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I just found a place where smart people take time to discuss books and ideas, and then you can…

Spoke at my first literary festival this week – ‘Words by the Water’ in Keswick. I’ve no idea if it was representative of other such events, but it was fascinating. About 100 people showed up to hear me bang on about How Change Happens. They were probably the most un-aid wonk audience I’ve spoken to so far; they were also the oldest – the demographic …

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A chance to win at health

Editor’s note: This is the sixth post in our blog series Local Brilliance: women leading global health innovation, featuring firsthand accounts from scientists and leaders who are saving lives and improving health for women and girls in their countries and communities. I first got interested in public health after my sister passed away from AIDS, which […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesThe impact inspired by a little girlInnovation is at the heart of SeattleIn Davos, Rx for epidemics: tech partnerships ;

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