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Crowdfunding for Global Health: a novel solution or temporary fix? 

By Elizabeth Sherwin and Katia Cnop Elizabeth Sherwin was the Watsi Fellow working with Maya Health Alliance in Guatemala for 2016-2017. Katia Cnop is a Read More

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Could Equity Crowdfunding Be a Pathway from Poverty?

Recently, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission adopted new rules that will open up crowdfunding equity investments to anyone. Previously such investments had only been accessible to so-called accredited investors – individuals with a net worth of over $1 million or annual income of over $200,000. These investments will still be restricted in terms of the amount any individual can invest, but the bottom line is that now anyone, despite their net worth or income, will be allowed to invest directly in a non-publicly traded companies in the US. This is a potentially big shift from the typical crowdfunding model in which an individual contributes to a project in exchange for some sort of non-financial reward, such as an advance copy of a product.

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Can Crowdfunding Work for Developing World Projects?

As I experiment with crowdfunding for JadedAid, a card game to save humanitarians that I co-launched on Kickstarter, I wonder how entrepreneurs in the developing world could use similar crowdsourcing platforms to fund their ideas. Luckily, infoDev at the World Bank has published “Crowdfunding’s Potential for the Developing World” to explore this very question. In the forward, Steve Case points out why he’s an optimist on crowdfunding: I believe that equity, debt, and rewards-based crowdfunding open new possibilities for funding more entrepreneurs in more places around the world. These changes enable entrepreneurs to utilize social media and the web to offer rewards, ownership of a shared vision, or even equity stakes to potential investors. Crowdfunding websites are creating transparency and more open communication by enabling investors to engage with these companies over time to monitor their progress and continue to support their success as the company grows

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