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Six Amazing Drugs in Development

Reposted with permission from Gap Medics At any one time, there are hundreds of drugs being developed around the world. Some of them could change Read More

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New Drugs, New Hope to End TB in Peru

Photos by William Castro Rodríguez / Partners In HealthField technician Gaby Merlin Contreras provides the new TB drug, Bedaquiline, to a patient in Lima, Peru. For the first time in 50 years, two new drugs are available to patients battling the most trenchant forms of tuberculosis. TB experts around the world, including those at Partners In Health, hope that Bedaquiline and Delamanid will deliver patients a quicker, less toxic cure than older drugs on the market. They will soon see whether their hope is justified. Through an effort called endTB, PIH and nongovernmental organizations Médecins sans Frontières and Interactive Research & Development are offering new treatment regimens that include Bedaquiline and Delamanid to more than 3,000 people

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Philippine president threatens to leave U.N. following pressure on rights abuses

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, sometimes referred to as the ‘Donald Trump of the Philippines,’ is so upset at the United Nations’ critique of his government’s alleged human rights abuses he is threatening to quit. Quit the UN, that is.

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PolitiFact Examines Trade Deals’ Potential Impacts On Indian Generic Drug Manufacturers,…

PolitiFact: Do trade deals threaten India as low-cost HIV drug maker? “…Doctors Without Borders said that trade deals threaten the capacity of Indian generic drug makers to produce the next round of HIV drugs. We found that trade negotiations, whether part of large regional trade agreements or unilateral discussions between the United States and India,…More

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News in the Humanosphere: Indonesia rebuffs international pressure and executes drug offenders

The Indonesian government carried out executions of four convicted drug traffickers, Al Jazeera has learned. The attorney general’s office had said earlier on Thursday that 14 people, including foreigners, would be executed “soon” The executions were the third set carried out since President Joko Widodo took office in October 2014.  Widodo’s two-year-old administration will have

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Drug use and its associated factors among money boys in Hunan Province, China

To describe drug use, types of drugs and related factors among money boys in Hunan Province, China.

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U.N. SG Ban Calls For Effective Response To Illicit Drug Use, Trade With ‘Focus On Health,…

U.N. News Centre: On Day Against Drug Abuse, Ban calls for ‘effective, compassionate’ global response “Marking the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, United Nations Secretary-General [Ban Ki-moon Sunday] called for ‘a global response that is simultaneously effective, compassionate, and humane,’ to the challenges posed by the world drug problem. ‘I call on…More

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Addressing the impact of economic sanctions on Iranian drug shortages in the joint…

The U.S Congress initiated sanctions against Iran after the 1979 U.S.

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We need to incentivize antibiotic R&D better

Lena Theunissen holds a degree in International Relations from the University of Dresden. Currently, she studies medicine at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany. She is an Read More

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Drug Companies Should Be Incentivized To Develop New Antibiotics

Financial Times: Pull together to prevent a superbug apocalypse Editorial Board “…Although [the final report of the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance] is full of excellent proposals, early comments have targeted one of its most eye-catching and least well-thought-out ideas: a ‘play or pay’ scheme. Pharmaceutical companies would either pay a levy into a pooled global…More

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NGOs Continue To Push For End To ‘War On Drugs’

Devex: Making a fundamental shift in drug policy and harm reduction “…UNGA [recently] held another special session on drugs, which civil society had hoped would be an opportunity not only for their voices to be heard but an opportunity for real drug policy reform. But the latest special session was disappointing for many working in…More

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UN Special Session on “the world drug problem” just says no . . .

Categories: U.S. Policy and FundingHealth and human rights concerns “considered” but not confronted in UNGASS drug policy document To leaders of global infectious disease responses and advocates of human rights, the 2016 United Nations General Assembly Special Session on international drug policies represented an opportunity to correct a course of public health harm and failure set by a half-century […](Read more…)

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Ill-informed, ineffective, discriminatory, and ideological, drug policies became prescription…

Categories: U.S. Policy and FundingTags: Ambassador Eric GoosbyThe goal was “A drug-free world.” The certainty was “we can do it!” And behind the goal and the certainty was a view that illicit drugs threaten “the health and wellbeing of all mankind.” The setting was the 1998 U.N. General Assembly Special Assembly on drugs, late enough in the decades-long and ongoing international “war […](Read more…)

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Rights-Based Approaches Needed To Reduce HIV Incidence Among Drug Users, UNAIDS Report Says

U.N. News Centre: U.N. report urges rights-based approach to reduce HIV infections among drug users “Ahead of [this] week’s General Assembly special session on drugs, the United Nations agency leading the world’s HIV/AIDS response has released a new report, which warns that many countries are failing to reduce new HIV infections due to the absence…More

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