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Apply Now: $500,000 for Your Big Data Innovations in Agriculture

The rapid growth in processing power and global connectivity means we can now quickly collect, share and analyze enormous amounts of data to reveal new ways to reduce hunger and poverty and develop robust responses to climate change, disease, and land degradation challenges. The CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture seeks approaches that show the power of big data analytics and digital technologies to push the limits of the possible in research, transform how we do business, and drive impact in four broad challenge areas: Revealing Food Systems Monitoring Pests and Diseases Disrupting Impact Assessment Empowering Data-Driven Farming We are challenging partners, universities, and others to use our data to create incentivized pilot opportunities that scale. We’re looking for novel approaches that democratize these data-driven insights to inform local, national, regional, and global policies on agriculture and food security in real time; helping people – especially smallholder farmers – to lead happier and healthier lives. The Prize Five winning teams will receive $100,000 each to put their ideas into practice. Teams will have 12 months to implement small-scale proof of concept pilots to demonstrate viability

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Smoking habits in French farmers: a cross-sectional study

Farmers are exposed to multiple air contaminants that may interact with tobacco smoking in the development of respiratory diseases.

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Farmers In Ebola-Hit West African Nations Need Assistance, International Fund For Agricultural…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Ebola after-effects threaten food shortages in West Africa: U.N. “Farmers in West Africa still reeling from the impact of Ebola, urgently need help or they could be forced to leave their farms to seek work elsewhere, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) said on Wednesday…” (Whiting, 8/3).

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Yes, Farmers Do Use Mobile Phones for Market Prices

Farmers in Malawi had free access to market prices via mobile phones for about three months using HNI’s 3‑2‑1 Service. Usage data was rolling in. And along come two posts on ICT Works that are highly critical of the whole idea that farmers and fishermen can actually benefit from market prices provided by mobile phones. A superficial skim of these posts might lead you to conclude that “Mobile phones are not used for market prices,” or that, “Mobile phones are social tools not information delivery platforms.” But a closer read reveals something more nuanced than that. Each of these articles summarizes the findings of two of recent research reports on ICT4D

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7 Reasons Why Farmers Do Not Use Market Price SMS Text Messages

On Friday, we had the startling realization that fishermen do not use mobile phones to compare market prices of fish. Besides cultural and legal limitations to their ability to sell in different markets, as Tony Roberts points out, fishermen don’t see neo-liberal wealth maximization as their ultimate goal in life. But what about farmers? Could they be using mobile phones to learn about current market prices, and thereby maximize incomes? Well, they might be, but they are probably not using SMS to learn about market prices.

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Investments In Small Farmers Critical To Reach Many Development Goals

Huffington Post: Small Farmers Can Help Meet Sustainable Development and Climate Goals — But They Need Our Support Shenggen Fan, economist and director general of the International Food Policy Research Institute “…[S]mall farmers can help us achieve many of the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)], but only if we bolster their ability to cope with climate…More

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Get more farmers off their farms

Justin Wolfers had a nice piece in the Upshot about new work on how growing up in a bad neighborhood has long-term negative consequences for kids. The key point of the new work is that the benefits of moving from bad neighborhoods may be particularly high for kids whose parents won’t voluntarily move, but only move because their public housing is demolished.

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How GM Cotton is Stalling, Not Solving Pesticide Exposure – By Andrew Flachs

“If They Spray Four Times, You Have to Spray Five”: How Genetically Modified Cotton is Stalling, Not Solving Pesticide Exposure A Guest Post By Andrew Read More

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Infographic: The female face of farming

Link: Infographic: The female face of farming

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News Rounds: Women farmers are the key to progress against poverty, East…

See more here: News Rounds: Women farmers are the key to progress against poverty, East…

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Connected Agriculture: The Role of Mobile in Driving Efficiency and…


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ICTs for Agricultural Extension: A Study in the Indian Himalayan Region


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The Developmental Contribution from Mobile Phones Across the Agricultural…


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Land rush update: Uganda displaces 22,000 poor farmers to plant trees

The ongoing trend of foreign investors purchasing massive tracts of land in poor countries isn’t getting much media attention in the U.S., but one case in Uganda may change that. Oxfam International reported a few weeks ago that the Ugandan government, on behalf of a British company and with financial support from the World Bank, … Continue reading →

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