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Making the Case for Donor Financing for AgTech Investment

The market for AgTech investment is growing. According to AgFunder, in 2016 there was $3.23 billion dollars invested in 580 AgTech deals. Investments in US firms represented 40% of of those deals, followed by investments in India, Canada, UK, Israel and France. However, investments in Africa and most of Asia remain low, a missed opportunity given that this is where the majority of the approximately 500 million small-holder farmers in the world who produce 70% of the world’s food are located. While there are challenges to encouraging AgTech investment in emerging markets, donors and impact funds and other actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem can play a role in attracting capital to this growing field

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When Women Are In Charge Of Family Planning, Everyone Wins

See the original post: When Women Are In Charge Of Family Planning, Everyone Wins

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CNN Video Series Examines Hunger, Malaria, How Gates Foundation Working To Address Issues

CNN: Looking Forward with Bill Gates “Despite widespread global problems like hunger and malaria, Bill Gates has an optimistic outlook on the planet’s future — along with a few ideas on how to make it even better. In this video series, CNN meets the men and women bringing those ideas to life…” (Marc et al.,…More

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Gates Foundation Funding For Indian Immunization Program Ending; Health Ministry To Fund Group…

Reuters: India scraps funding ties with Gates Foundation on immunization “A group backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that works on India’s immunization program will now be funded by the health ministry, a government official said, a move in part prompted by fears foreign donors could influence policy making. … The Gates Foundation…More

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Gates Foundation Pneumonia Director Discusses India’s Child Immunization Program In Economic…

Economic Times: Gates foundation interested in preventing infectious diseases: Keith Klugman, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation “India is expected to roll out Pfizer’s 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV), Prevnar13, as part of its universal immunization program this year. The vaccine, procured from the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (Gavi) at $3.2-3.3 (Rs218-225) per dose,…More

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3 Recommendations to Scale Digital Health Interventions by Institutionalizing Them in Service…

The digital health community is on a journey to deliver health impact. We have achieved considerable success in the past decade, demonstrating that information and communication technology (ICT) can improve health services delivery in the developing world. Although our achievements implementing pilots should be celebrated, we must also acknowledge that digital health interventions are not yet routinely used as part of all global health service delivery and have not yet been proven to demonstrate large scale health impact. In The Journey to Scale, commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to motivate the digital health community to consider new approaches to scaling digital health interventions, we propose that digital health interventions will impact health outcomes significantly only when routinely used, or institutionalized, as a common practice in service delivery. When institutionalized, digital health interventions will provide frontline health workers with real-time, operational data affecting every conceivable part of the primary care continuum from ensuring adequate stock to checking lab reports to workforce training, thus addressing current capacity issues and improving quality of care.

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More bad news for malaria vaccine

The protection provided by the world’s first malaria vaccine all but disappears after seven years, according to a new study. A phase-two clinical trial of Mosquirix (RTS,S) in Kenya showed just 4 percent effectiveness in children older than 7 years. With an already relatively low rate of malaria prevention, this is another setback for GlaxoSmithKline, the

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Will Bill Gates’ chickens end African poverty?

; Joseph Hanlon and Teresa Smart are unimpressed by a new initiative, but disappointingly avoid all the potential excruciating puns Bill Gates announced on 7 June that he is giving 100,000 chickens to the poor because chickens are “easy to take care of” and a woman with just five hens in Africa can make $1000 per year. For Mozambique where we work, this is remarkable …

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Gates Foundation divests entirely in oil giant BP

The Gates Foundation Asset Trust has completely divested its holdings of BP oil, according to recent regulatory filings. Environmental activists, who have been urging the Foundation to divest in fossil fuels and set a global precedent, are claiming a win with the news. But as depressed oil prices have lately proved fossil fuels to be a poor

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Gates Foundation Announces $80M Over Next 3 Years To Fill Gender Data Gaps, Accelerate Progress…

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Announces $80 Million Commitment To Close Gender Data Gaps And Accelerate Progress For Women And Girls “In her keynote speech [Tuesday] at the Women Deliver conference in Copenhagen, Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, announced that the foundation will commit…More

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Gates Foundation Awards $38M To Takeda Pharmaceuticals To Develop Low-Cost Polio Vaccine

Reuters: Gates Foundation backs Takeda polio vaccine with $38 million grant “Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceuticals is to get $38 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a crucial, low-cost polio vaccine for use in developing countries. … Chris Elias, the Gates Foundation’s head of global development, said the partnership would help ‘ensure that…More

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Please Register Now: ICTforAg 2016 – New Technologies for Smallholder Farmers

June 10th – Washington, DC – Register Now ICTforAg 2016 will bring together +275 thought leaders and decision makers in agriculture and technology from the international development community and the private sector to examine how new innovations can empower smallholder farmers, and the entire value chains that support them, through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). Please register now to explore new ICT solutions that can boost the productivity of both smallholder farmers and agriculture value chains, and discuss other possible ICTs, including traditional media platforms, agribusiness IT systems, and extension agent support technologies. Our draft agenda includes the following lightning talks and breakout sessions. Be sure to register now to experience these first-hand on June 10th. We expect to sell out this week and those that are tardy will be on a wait list.

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Finding consensus on how to measure progress against poverty and inequity

By Barbara Thomas It may sound like a simple question: Are we making progress against poverty and other forms of inequity? Or to put it in academic wonk lingo: Are the indicators of development trending up, down or going nowhere? Surprisingly, perhaps, for many even in the humanitarian or development community, this turns out to

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Hear that? It’s your superpower calling

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