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Do Mothers Have a Say?

A recent breakthrough in genetic engineering suggests new options in treating genetic diseases while raises ethical concerns. By Yvaine Ye Her phone rang. It was Read More

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Gene Editing Of Organisms To Prevent Disease, Ecosystem Damage Promising But Must Be Approached…

New York Times: Species-wide Gene Editing, Applauded and Feared, Gets a Push “A revolutionary technology known as ‘gene drive,’ which for the first time gives humans the power to alter or perhaps eliminate entire populations of organisms in the wild, has stirred both excitement and fear since scientists proposed a means to construct it two…More

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Questions Persist In Mosquito Gene-Editing Debate

The Guardian: Should we wipe mosquitoes off the face of the Earth? Archie Bland, writer and commissioning editor for the Saturday Guardian “…Whatever the priorities, no scientist disputes that if the technology were to be perfected, the gene-drive plan [to alter the genetic code of male Aedes aegypti — the mosquitoes that carry Zika, dengue…More

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International Regulations Needed For Gene-Editing Systems Used To Alter Disease-Carrying…

The Guardian: Gene drives need global policing Matthew Cobb, professor of zoology at the University of Manchester “…Using [the gene-editing technique known as] CRISPR to combat disease-transmitting mosquitoes could have a massive health benefit for millions of people around the world, and would probably prove less ecologically destructive than our current insecticide-based approaches. … CRISPR…More

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Pinker tells bioethics what its new moral imperative is, or not

Steven Pinker has written a provocative opinion piece today in the Boston Globe about bioethics. It was apparently sparked by a new technique for editing genomes, namely CRISPR-Cas9, and the social, political and ethical responses to this novel biotechnology. In a nutshell, Pinker states that promising new biotechnologies for improving human health like CRISPR-Cas9 should be aggressively pursued, and ” … the primary moral goal for today’s bioethics can be summarized in a single sentence. Get out of the way.” If bioethicists are not getting out of the way, they are, um, in the way

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