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Researchers track spread of HIV among migrants in Athens to inform, improve prevention and…

Categories: UncategorizedWhen Athens saw HIV incidence begin to climb steeply in 2011, a familiar pattern emerged — the rate of new infections among migrants was disproportionate, and migrants were also likelier to be diagnosed later. To researchers who had tracked HIV impacts among migrants across Europe, this wasn’t surprising, authors of a report in Clinical Infectious […](Read more…)

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Children live in ‘deplorable conditions,’ trapped in detention camps in Greece

Children, many unaccompanied, are among the thousands of refugees being held in detention camps on the Greek islands of Lesvos and Chios. Humanitarian groups argue that the months-long detentions are creating immense hardships, most acutely for the children who, the groups say, should never be detained in the first place. “Children, under no circumstances, should

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Vaccine prices are 20 times higher in refugee camps, aid group charges

ATHENS — Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has decried the high cost humanitarian organizations pay for vaccines – up to 20 times the normal prices – for vulnerable children in refugee settings. MSF and Save the Children are calling on drug companies to lower vaccine prices. Humanitarian organizations have targeted pneumonia, along with polio, diphtheria and

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Health care for refugees when it’s not an emergency

ATHENS — Greek authorities have been evacuating refugees from the port of Piraeus south Athens since April in what has been a lengthy and protracted process for both NGOs and refugees. The Port of Piraeus, normally a commercial trading hub for ships in the Mediterranean as well as departure point for tourists seeking sun and

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Internet in Greek migrant camps as important as food and water, aid groups say

By Lin Taylor LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) — One of the first questions aid worker Isaac Kwamy was asked in Greece’s camps for refugees and migrants was not whether there was food or water, but whether there was internet access. “Very few of them (migrants) said, ‘We are hungry, we need food. Or we are

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After a lull in crossings, a sudden spike in migrant deaths on the Mediterranean

Humanitarian groups are issuing alerts after as many as 1,000 people died trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe over a three-day period. The news comes just one week after the International Organization for Migration declared that the number of migrant deaths at sea was on the decline. All of a sudden the more than

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News in the Humanosphere: Greece to shut down border camp

Greece said Monday it will step up efforts to clear the squalid camp of Idomeni where over 8,400 migrants remain on the border with Macedonia after braving a winter in vain hope of being allowed through to Europe. ‘The transfer of refugees trapped at Idomeni to hospitality areas probably begins tomorrow (Tuesday),’ Yiorgos Kyritsis, the

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U.N. to Greece: Stop ‘unacceptable’ detentions of child refugees and migrants

Dismayed by the treatment of migrant and refugee children in Greece, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants criticized detention centers for creating “an unacceptable level of confusion, frustration, violence and fear.” The pressure caused by the continuing arrival of asylum seekers and migrants in Greece has led to holding people in jails because

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Health Organizations Working To Supply Birth Control Options To Refugees In Greece, Turkey

Quartz: At refugee camps, birth control is crucial and in short supply “…Currently, birth control options are scarce for refugees both in Turkey and Greece. … DKT Turkey, an arm of DKT International, a social marketing organization focused on providing affordable condoms and other forms of birth control, is trying to help…” (Merelli, 5/5).

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Aid groups suspend work in Greece in opposition to EU-Turkey pact

The conversion of reception centers for refugees and migrants into detention facilities has led to the withdrawal of support by the U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and Doctors Without Borders. An agreement struck last week between the European Union and Turkey to return people passing through the country and onward to Greece. It fundamentally shifts the

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Macedonia shuts border to migrants as health concerns mount

Macedonia today shut its border to the 40,000 migrants camped out along its border with Greece. Tensions remain high as asylum-seekers, mostly from Syria and Iraq, are trying to make their way through Macedonia and on to Europe. People waiting to cross have spent weeks in an ad-hoc camp where unsanitary conditions are raising health

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News in the Humanosphere: Refugees riot at Greece-Macedonia border

A riot broke out as hundreds of desperate refugees stranded at the Greece-Macedonia border smashed down a gate guarded by security forces on Monday. The razor-wire barrier was ripped open and border guards fired tear gas in response. Angry crowds shouted and pushed towards the barrier. Several men used a large steel post to ram

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Differences in survival and cause-specific mortality in a culturally diverse Greek population,…

Background Modern urban populations exhibit considerable internal heterogeneity.

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Swiss ditch Ikea refugee shelters over fire concerns

Ready-to-assemble refugee shelters made by the Swedish furniture giant Ikea pose a fire hazard, leaders from the Swiss city of Zurich charge. They announced that the 62 shelters purchased by the city will not be put to use, shortly after they arrived. Ikea responded soon after, saying that the shelters meet ;European safety standards. Stress tests

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