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Abortion: Clinton invokes women’s rights around the world as she defends choice

The contentious issue of abortion came up during the final U.S. presidential debate on Wednesday. Hillary Clinton affirmed women’s right to abortion while Donald Trump said he would appoint judges to the Supreme Court who oppose it. Clinton countered by looking internationally to the consequences of governments circumventing reproductive rights.

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Lack of access is not preventing women from using contraceptives

Many women in developing countries wish to avoid pregnancy, but do not use contraceptives. The usual advocacy angle is that most of these women lack access, but a new study shows that the reasons are more varied. In fact, only 5 percent of women across 52 countries cited access as the reason for not using

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Reports highlight burden of unsafe abortion in Kenya and Pakistan

This week, the Guttmacher Institute released new reports on the issue of unsafe abortion in Kenya and Pakistan, two countries where abortion-related complications help to drive persistent high levels of maternal mortality and morbidity. In Kenya, researchers working in coordination with the Ministry of Health undertook a study using a nationally representative sample of health facilities in order to assess the number of abortions annually in Kenya, the extent of unsafe abortion, the characteristics of women who seek abortion-related care in Kenyan health facilities and the quality of care available. They found that unsafe abortions were not only common, but carried a major, unnecessary threat to women’s lives, with a case-fatality rate of 266 deaths per 100,000 unsafe procedures – nearly all of which could have been prevented. Meanwhile, in “Post-Abortion Care in Pakistan: A National Study,” researchers from Guttmacher and the Population Council focused on the issue of post-abortion care as they examined the conditions under which women obtain abortion in Pakistan; the incidence, coverage and quality of facility-based postabortion care (PAC); and the extent to which recommended standards for PAC have been implemented in health facilities.  The study drew on research with women and in health facilities to compare the 2012 situation to 2002

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How much would it cost to meet the unmet need for contraception?

Earlier this week, the Guttmacher Institute and UNFPA published a new study that estimates the number of women with an unmet need for contraception to be 222 million in 2012, a slight decrease from 2008. 645 million women in the developing world are using modern contraceptive methods, but in the poorest countries, the unmet need actually increased from 2008-2012. In order to meet the unmet need, funding for contraceptives (supplies, program costs, logistical costs, etc.) would, according to the report, need to be doubled: Clearly, closing funding gaps is essential if the necessary multifaceted improvements in contraceptive service provision are to be achieved. This report provides updated estimates of the level of funding that is needed to both improve services for current users and adequately meet the needs of all women who currently need but are not using modern contraceptives.

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Useful online data tools — new one for reproductive health

The Guttmacher Institute has created a new online International Data Center that allows researchers, advocates, policymakers, journalists and others working on reproductive health issues at Read More

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