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What comes after Hurricane Irma?

Mosquitoes, mostly, and loss of access to healthcare. Me, at UN Dispatch, on the health impact of hurricanes. 

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How can we build better partnerships for global health?

For our Tuesday, July 27th Salon, we discussed partnerships and interoperability in global health systems. The room housed a wide range of perspectives, from small to large non-governmental organizations to donors and funders to software developers to designers to healthcare professionals to students. Our lead discussants were Josh Nesbit, CEO at Medic Mobile; Jonathan McKay, Global Head of Partnerships and Director of the US Office of Praekelt.org; and Tiffany Lentz, Managing Director, Office of Social Change Initiatives at ThoughtWorks We started by hearing from our discussants on why they had decided to tackle issues in the area of health. Reasons were primarily because health systems were excluding people from care and organizations wanted to find a way to make healthcare inclusive.

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The secret, hidden pricetag on your cola bottle

0000-0002-1767-4576The line at the convenience store is three people deep. Standing in front of me is a 40-something man with a bottle of cola and a newspaper. In front of him, a mother paying her utility bill accompanied by her young daughter. The mum and child leave, and the man moves forward to pay. “Two dollars?” I overhear him exclaim with surprise… “I remember when a bottle of cola was one!” As he pays and heads for the door, I too grab a newspaper and cannot help but notice the story on the front cover: the mounting crisis of costs from an obesity epidemic gripping not just the nation, but the planet – the economic and health systems already struggling to keep pace.

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World No Tobacco Day 2017: Beating tobacco for health, prosperity, the environment and national…

World No Tobacco Day 2017: Beating tobacco for health, prosperity, the environment and national development

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Integrating Magpi and DHIS2 with OpenFn

Guest blog by: Taylor Downs, Founder of OpenFn.org About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with the team at Magpi on some changes to their API that would allow them to connect Magpi with OpenFn—an enterprise-grade integration platform that’s been designed for the international development community. Joel and I thought this would be a great opportunity to discuss how Magpi can be used in conjunction with other technologies in the ICT4D space to create powerful, integrated systems that get data into the hands of those who need it, fast. I know that I don’t need to explain Magpi to this audience, but thinking of Magpi as part of a larger system that works for the entire organization may be new to some of you. Many organizations in the public health space are familiar with DHIS2. This is just one of many management information systems (like Salesforce, IBM Maximo, and many more) that help businesses, non-profits, and governments drive efficiency, measure and adjust effectiveness, and ultimately, better deliver their products and services.

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How Mobile AI Will Transform Global Health

The Invisible Revolution Continues In the last 15 years or so, the mobile phone has exploded across the developing world.  The benefit was initially just one of distance communication – telephony and SMS.  As handsets get cheaper and more capable, and network speed improves, however, it’s clear that these devices haven’t just “leapfrogged over landlines” – but laptops as well: the mobile phone revolution is clearly a mobile computing revolution in progress (a point we noted 9 years ago in a BBC article) – and mobile AI (artificial intelligence) will be the next stage in this revolution. Magpi on the Palm Pilot, 2007 The benefits of mobile phones to global health have already been enormous, starting with the incalculable value of easy and inexpensive access to communications.  Those who worked in the field prior to mobile phones can easily verify that every single field activity, every single management task, was more difficult when landline phones were the only game in town, and those were luxury items

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Field Report: Supporting WASH and Health with Mobile in DR Congo

Background: NCA in Congo Norwegian Church Aid has operated for years in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with work focuses that include supporting WASH and health. For the past week, staff of NCA in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo, underwent a training class designed to introduce them to mobile data collection, broadcast SMS messaging, and data visualization. The class was composed of more than 20 seasoned workers from the region –  all working on issues of community support, water and sanitation, and health. The NCA website describes the work: Our programme in DRC focuses on clean water and safe hygiene for internally displaced people, prevention of sexual violence and restoring those who have been affected by it, and to bring people that have been kidnapped as a child and misused as soliders back to a normal and healthy life. The Training The training emphasized mobile data collection using the Magpi mobile application for Android, but an introduction was also included into data collection by SMS and by IVR (voice).

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Why We March for Food and Health in 2017

In Canada, our southern neighbour casts a long shadow, and 2017 commenced with a deep distemper in my community of practice on food and health. I had conversations with friends that ranged from glum (celebrating food seemed a bit pointless now, didn’t it?), to restrained (working for policy change in the health field has always been a long game), to bellicose (in a world where reality had been upended, direct confrontation was needed, now). The malaise suffused everything. I buried myself in the reassuring solitude of writing, and learned that others were trying to do the same. I tried to change my media habits: alternately glued to or avoiding social media; taking out new subscriptions to newspapers and magazines.

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Global health in 2017

I don’t know about you, but I am still in that weird part of the dawning year where writing the date seems like I am playing main stage in a Hollywood ‘sci-fi’ movie. Where the four numbers of 2 – 0 – 1 – 7 seem more of something I would associate with flying cars and robot servants, than the ‘here and now’. But strange as it may seem we are well into the New Year and as the pace of the world reflects the pace of passing time, I can’t help but wonder if we actually do live in the future. So to speak. We now call for a cab via west coast America using a democratized application on a globally connected device no bigger than our palm, manufactured on another continent and possessing the technological potency we could never have even dreamt of just a decade ago – linked to another billion similar devices through millions of miles of fibre-optics spanning the entire planet

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Climate and Health Meeting: Live Webcast on February 16th

The following message is from APHA’s environmental health team. The science on climate change and health is under attack. And we risk seeing the clock turned back decades. That’s why APHA stepped up and joined forces with former Vice President Al Gore and others to host a meeting on Thursday Feb. 16 focused on climate change and health. 

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Investing In Global Health Makes ‘Business Sense’

The Lancet Global Health: Surprise us, Mr. Trump Editorial Board “…We know few things about [President] Trump’s position on health. … One thing we know is that he is a businessman, so … we could rightfully scrutinize the sharpness of his business acumen. As Trump defines a strategy for his priority issues, it would be…More

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Assessing the health impact of transnational corporations: a case study on McDonald’s…

The practices of transnational corporations affect population health through production methods, shaping social determinants of health, or influencing the regulatory structures governing their activities.

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Assessing the impoverishing effects, and factors associated with the incidence of catastrophic…

Monitoring the incidence and intensity of catastrophic health expenditure, as well as the impoverishing effects of out of pocket costs to access healthcare, is a key part of benchmarking Kenya’s progress towar…

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How to take morphine in rural Guatemala

Rosa is a 59-year-old woman dying1 of a broken heart: in her heart is a hole that surgeons cannot fix, and the irregular flow of Read More

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