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WHO | Reforming mental health in Lebanon amid refugee crises

Article published in August 2016 Source: WHO | Reforming mental health in Lebanon amid refugee crises

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Syrian refugees in Lebanon: the search for universal health coverage

The crisis in Syria has forced more than 4 million people to find refuge outside Syria.

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Noncommunicable diseases stress already struggling health-care centers for Syrian refugees

Before the Syrian War started in 2011, noncommunicable diseases caused 74 percent of deaths in Syria, according to World Health Organization data. Now these diseases are killing roughly the same number of people as those killed by bullets and bombs in their homeland and neighboring countries. Those afflicted by noncommunicable diseases are carrying conditions like

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Latest call to help Syria – $9 billion – will never be fully funded

World leaders gathered in London today to pledge support for the humanitarian response to aid those affected by the civil war in Syria. The conference seeks $9 billion for 2016, a sum it has no chance of receiving by year’s end. As the war grinds on, each year the ask is bigger, and each year

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The case for cash transfers in emergency relief

Once seen as a sure-fire way to build dependence on charitable assistance, cash transfers that give people money with or without conditions are making a comeback. So as the United States struggles to reform its antiquated food aid system, other countries and organizations are turning to one of the oldest forms of aid. The return

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