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Pop Quiz: What Is the Difference Between mHealth, mEducation, and mAgriculture?

I do hate sectoritis – the innate desire of development actors to isolate into health, education, agriculture, civil society, and all the other sector silos and sub-silos of our industry; its stupid tribalism at its best, and downright corrosive on collaboration at its worst. Of course digital development practitioners (another silo!) are no better. We follow the convention of others and silo ourselves into mHealth, mEducation, mAgriculture, and from there down into eHealth vs. mHealth, etc, etc, etc.

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New USAID Guide: How to Use Digital Financial Services in Agriculture

Smallholder farmers have the potential to play an ever-increasing role in feeding the world through sustainable supply of key agricultural commodities. However, most smallholders lack their own funds to invest in their farms to improve productivity and connect to markets. Without inclusive market systems, smallholders must rely on their own limited savings to invest in their farm, education, and other household needs, which contributes to lower productivity, persistent income inequality, and slower economic growth. The nature and scale of these challenges are familiar to those of you who are driving the progress of the U.S.

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USAID Assessment of Market Information Systems in Africa

Read more from the original source: USAID Assessment of Market Information Systems in Africa

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Mobile Phones and Rural Livelihoods: Diffusion, Uses, and Perceived Impacts…

Author: Lee Martin, Brandie, Eric Abbott Publication Type: Journal article Publication Date: Nov 2011 Publisher/Journal: Information Technologies and International Development Publication language: English Abstract: To successfully use mobile phones to aid development efforts, understanding the impact of the social structure on mobile phone adoption, uses, perceived impacts, and reinvention of uses is invaluable. Interviews were conducted with 90 mobile phone-owning holders of small-to-medium-sized farms, 50 women and 40 men, actively involved in agricultural development-based farm groups in Kamuli District, Uganda. Respondents indicated use of the mobile phone for coordinating access to agricultural inputs, market information, to monitor finanancial transactions, and to consult with agricultural experts. Over time, the number and variety of agricultural uses increased among all users, indicating that adoption occurs for a few key purposes, but that uses will be added or reinvented to meet changing needs. This study identified a number of unique uses, including storing local market trends in the calendar, using the speakerphone function for group consultation with agricultural experts, and taking photos of agricultural demonstrations Location Countries: Uganda Research Paper – Link to or Upload Paper URL: http://itidjournal.org/itid/ar…

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The Bi-Weekly ICT4D Retrospective: Important Links for May 9 – May 22, 2012

Visit link: The Bi-Weekly ICT4D Retrospective: Important Links for May 9 – May 22, 2012

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FM Radio is mAgriculture to Small-Scale African Farmers

I am a big fan of FM radio. From my days at IESC Geekcorps, I saw how this “old” technology was still impressive in its reach, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity. Less you forget, radio is still the most ubiquitous ICT – beating TV, mobile phones, and Internet penetration by wide margins. At the same time, much of the work around FM radio is done by a few hard core believers, with newer, flashy technology generating the buzz and getting most of the funding.

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Connected Agriculture: The Role of Mobile in Driving Efficiency and…


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A Participatory Designed M-Agriculture Solution for Rural Livelihood…


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