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Showcase Your Resilience Innovation with The Rockefeller Foundation

Are you using digital technology to help individuals, families, communities, businesses or governments in Asia adapt to shocks and chronic stresses? If so, we want to hear from you by March 24th. FHI 360 is working with The Rockefeller Foundation, in association with the Global Resilience Partnership, to identify potential digital technology innovations that may have a positive impact on resilience outcomes in Asia. We’re interested in the whole range of digital technologies, from mobile-based communications, to sensor technologies, gaming, big data applications, and beyond. Basically, if it uses any form of digital technology, we’re interested.

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Depicted serving size: cereal packaging pictures exaggerate serving sizes and promote…

Extensive work has focused on the effects of nutrition label information on consumer behavior on the one hand, and on the effects of packaging graphics on the other hand.

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5 Reasons Why International Development Needs Content Strategy

International development organizations are full of smart, pragmatic people. But just as the rise of digital has disrupted public, private, and nonprofit organizations in other sectors, digital poses fundamental challenges to the international development community. In response, development organizations have often tried to improve project implementation through ad hoc ICT4D initiatives. Meanwhile, many of these same organizations have built digital properties and communication initiatives in silos to meet short-term needs.

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The Blind Spot of SMS Projects: Constituent Illiteracy

With the overwhelming optimism around mobile phone-based communication technologies, it is reasonable to ponder: Do literacy levels pose a serious limitation to SMS-based communication campaigns? Imagine the following scenario It is a busy Monday morning. You’re rushing to get breakfast on the table, to pack lunches for your kids, and to get everyone — including yourself — out the door. Your phone pings: You skim the SMS, and think to yourself… I don’t know why I’m getting a message in Spanish, I only read and speak English… Perhaps this afternoon I can ask my Spanish-speaking neighbor what this means?

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WHO | Progress achieved in restricting the marketing of high-fat, sugary and salty food and beverage products to children

article published in July 2016 Source: WHO | Progress achieved in restricting the marketing of high-fat, sugary and salty food and beverage products to children

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Where is Your Marketing Budget in ICT4D Programs?

Recently, I was rural India with VSO International checking in on Samadhan, a citizen engagement software program that connects marginalized communities to the local government petitioning process. We visited the District Collector, who was excited about the potential of the program, yet had a major ask: he wanted to see the district blanketed in advertising for Samadhan. His question to us was insightful: Why aren’t you marketing Samadhan at every bus stop? Yes, we need marketing budgets in ICT4D Taking that question to you, I ask: Why aren’t you spending as much on marketing as you spend on software, or program management? I would argue that every dollar spent on marketing is equally or even more important that money spent on version 2.x of an application

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Unhealthy marketing of pharmaceutical products: An international public health concern

Taken from:   Unhealthy marketing of pharmaceutical products: An international public health concern

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Education versus regulation: The case for regulating the indoor tanning industry

Read this article:  Education versus regulation: The case for regulating the indoor tanning industry

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Sweet tweets: How Big Soda uses Social Media to dilute critiques

Dr Becky Freeman is an early career research fellow at the School of Public Health, University of Sydney. Her primary research interests include tobacco control, obesity prevention, and how online and social media influence public health. Corporations use social media to advertise products, engage with consumers, respond to reputational issues, and to define and position their brands. But could social media also be an effective way for corporations to reach and influence both their critics and supporters in hopes of maintaining favourable regulatory environments? Twitter, the social media platform of choice for politicians, academics, advocates and journalists has been simultaneously cast as a meaningless echo chamber and as a medium powerful enough to topple governments.

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The Five Pillars of a Strong Global Health Brand

If there is one lesson I’ve learned from working at the Global Health Delivery (GHD) Project at Harvard University these last few months, it is that the global health field is full of extremely intelligent individuals that are required to maintain expertise in a variety of interdisciplinary skills. GHD’s mission is to build a network of professionals dedicated to value-based health care globally, and they do this by creating public goods that give global health professionals an opportunity to learn the varied skills needed to deliver health care effectively and efficiently without letting the quality of care they provide diminish. Through their online virtual communities on GHDonline.org, GHD connects more than 13,000 global health professional to solve their real-time health care delivery concerns. Doctors have the opportunity to ask engineers the best way to structure a TB clinic to prevent the spread of infection to new patients, while health literacy experts can share their health communications plans. For this fellowship year, I am helping GHD with their marketing and development.

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Do ‘girl ads’ detract from girls’ empowerment?

Our August Technology Salon in New York City (TSNYC) was a stimulating and deep discussion on whether ‘girl advertising’ detracts from girls empowerment. The topic surfaced after a Facebook conversation about the rise in commercials about girls and women’s empowerment such as Always’ “Like a Girl,” Verizon’s “Inspire her Mind,” and Pantene’s “Stop Saying Sorry.” There are mixed feelings about what these ads accomplish for girls and women, and whether their commercially driven motivations are actually helping to achieve gains for girls in the US and elsewhere. Some of the key points raised at the Salon included: Participatory media vs slick, overproduced ads. When it’s participatory media with children and youth making choices about what is being said, shot and edited, it’s one thing. It feels authentic, said one Salon participant. “But the current spate of ads tend to show a very ‘produced’ girl, wearing make-up, feeding into stereotypes about beauty, talking to a screen and selling a product or a brand.” These ads may feel inspiring to people watching, but are they actually ‘empowering?’ The underlying message of many of these ads for girls is still often sex, beauty and/or sexual attractiveness.

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A Few Good Fundraisers

What does it take to sway a few good fundraisers? Where does poverty porn fit into this situation? Can you handle the truth? Find out in our latest WhyDev guest post from La Vidaid Loca.

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Good charities spend more on administration than bad charities

Have you ever heard an NGO try and encourage donations by saying that they have low overheads? Many do it, yet we have known for a while that low overheads are in no way a reflection of good work. In this post, Caroline Fiennes debunks the myth, showing that higher overheads generally correlate with more effective organisations.

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Energy drinks: An emerging public health hazard for youth

Source article:  Energy drinks: An emerging public health hazard for youth

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