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Announcing Magpi Respond: Let Your Data Trigger Messages

Magpi Respond lets you react to field data with automatic messages (and in 2016 we’ll be adding mobile payments!). First Came Forms The team at Magpi has been working on mobile forms for nearly twenty continuous years, since back in the Palm Pilot days.  For all that time, we’ve obsessed on how to help our […] The post Announcing Magpi Respond: Let Your Data Trigger Messages appeared first on Magpi.

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Mobile Money Infographic for Kenya (2013)

The GSMA Mobile Money for the Unbanked unit has just released a new infographic on the history and metrics for Kenya’s mobile money giant Mpesa, from Safaricom. It’s an extensive and incredible chart. Download and save this one for later, it has all the information that you need. Interesting figures for 2013: Average value per […]

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Cash In, Cash Out Kenya: The Role of M-PESA In The Lives Of Low-Income…

Author: Stuart, Guy, Monique Cohen Publication Type: Report/White paper Publication Date: Sep 2011 Publisher/Journal: The IRIS Center at the University of Maryland, College Park and Microfinance Opportunities Publication language: English Abstract: This study examines how low-income Kenyans use M-PESA, that country’s pioneering mMoney service. The study focuses on (1) the value of M-PESA to low-income individuals; (2) the most likely areas for M-PESA’s future growth; and (3) whether M-PESA can serve as a platform for financial services beyond remittances.Taken from the transactions of 92 individuals over eight months, the study found that “cash is king.” mMoney’s share of transactions was less than 6 percent, compared to more that 94 percent for cash. M-PESA is still primarily used to send money home, usually from urban to rural, and cash out almost always happens quickly, often the same day the remittance is received. Respondents did not appear to use M-PESA as a de facto savings account, but the services was an important part of their coping strategies for unusual large expenses, particularly hospital bills.The study looks at ways M-PESA usage mimic cash usage patterns. It also examines the “e-money loop” – the number of times an e-money unit is transferred between being cashed out.

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Will The Real Payment Disruptor Please Stand Up

Excerpt from: Will The Real Payment Disruptor Please Stand Up

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Michael Joseph and Mpesa: A Missed Opportunity

Michael Joseph was the CEO of Safaricom, taking the mobile operator from 5 employees to dominating the Kenyan mobile operator market with over 80% market share in his 10 years at the helm.  Regardless of your personal feelings on the man, you have to admire the tenacious approach he took growing the business, and his willingness to invest in his company’s future, thereby decimating his (often inept) competition.  Possibly MJ’s (how he’s known in local Kenyan parlance) greatest business move was also a measured risk, that is being the company to take a software created by parent Vodafone Group and push it into the market.  That software: Mpesa, the most successful mobile payments system in the world.  Safaricom has more transactions each day than Western Union does globally in a year.  Yes, it’s that impressive. When Michael Joseph stepped down in October of last year, he had a blank slate.  Only he knows just how many opportunities were out there, but I’m guessing there were many.  He just announced his next move, and that is to join the World Bank and “spearhead expansion of mobile money transfers” in their member states.

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The Kenyan Mobile Money Ecosystem

[ This is a guest post by Ben Lyons of Kopo Kopo , and recently of FrontlineSMS:Credit , who I consider to be one of the leading experts on mobile money, banking and payments in Africa.

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The Mobile Minute: Mobile Insurance, Smartphone Sales Up 98% Worldwide, and…

The Mobile Minute is here to bring you coverage on the rise of smartphone sales around the world, a crop insurance plan in Kenya that uses mobiles to process claims and distribute money, the effect of the 2010 U.S. elections on PBS’ mobile web and app usage rates, a pilot in Zambia that uses SMS to rapidly transmit HIV test results between rural clinics and hospitals, and mGive’s new mobile donation options

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