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Gender equality is ‘impossible’ without better data on girls, new report says

Millions of girls will continue to be at risk unless better statistics and data are gathered to understand the reality of their daily challenges, according to a report released today by child rights organization Plan International. The report, called Counting the Invisible, makes the case that not only is there a huge gender data gap – a cause already championed

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Looking good but doing harm? Perceptions of short-term medical missions in Nicaragua


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More activists being killed in their fight for the environment

Last year was the deadliest yet for activists seeking to protect their land, forests and rivers from destructive industries like mining, logging and dams, according to a report released Monday by Global Witness. The report, “On Dangerous Ground,” uncovered 185 deaths from news reports and public records – a death about every other day –

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Farmers submit 28,000 signatures opposing canal project in Nicaragua

Over the last two years, farmers and conservationists have been fighting against plans by the Nicaraguan government and a Chinese company to cut Nicaragua in half with the creation of an interoceanic canal. Last Thursday, the farmers from the Nicaraguan group National Council in Defense of our Land, Lake and Sovereignty turned in 28,000 signatures

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Canal would destroy Nicaraguan habitats, scientists argue

Plans by the Nicaraguan government and a Hong Kong-based company to cut Nicaragua in half to make way for an interoceanic canal would devastate the region socially, economically and ecologically, according to one Nicaraguan scientist leading the opposition to the project. “A lot of people think this is not going to happen, that this project

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The sugar cane workers of Nicaragua and El Salvador

Sugar cane workers across Central America have been dying in their thousands from chronic kidney disease. US photojournalist Ed Kashi visited Nicaragua and El Salvador Read More

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Nutritional Supplements’ Effects on Health Systems: The Case of Nutributter in Nicaragua

  Plumpy’nut, Medika Mamba, Nutributter—many of us have heard of these peanut-butter based nutritional supplements, which have, in many ways, revolutionized childhood nutrition interventions in Read More

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An Important Partnership in Central America

On the streets of Tegucigalpa or San Salvador or Santo Domingo or in the capitals of five other Central American countries, few people would be able to provide an answer to this question: What is the Council of Ministers of Health of Central America’s (COMISCA)? Dr. Nelson Arboleda, CDC Central American Regional Office Director Despite the understandable lack of awareness, COMISCA has emerged as an important—and effective—mechanism for improving public health across the region. It has unified eight disparate nations into a singular force in the fight against leading causes of death and illness. CDC is one of COMISCA’s prime partners

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Re-imagine Reporting: Sharing Lessons to Improve Programs


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Seattle Times on PATH’s work with women in Nicaragua

One of the best ways to fight poverty and inequity is to improve the lives of women and girls, largely because this translates into healthier children and, eventually, wealthier and more stable communities overall. The Seattle Times‘ Kristi Heim, with photographer Erika Schultz, did a nice job describing a fairly comprehensive and innovative effort by … Continue reading →

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Nicaragua’s Abortion Law Becomes Issue In Presidential Election

“Nicaragua is heading for presidential elections, and among the issues dividing people in this mostly Catholic country is abortion,” with advocates marching in the streets of the capital Managua to show support for overturning a ban on therapeutic abortions that was instituted five years ago, Al Jazeera reports. “With one of the highest maternal mortality rates in Latin America, Nicaragua is one of the few countries in the world that bans therapeutic abortions,” the news agency notes (Newman, 11/2).

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