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Are partnerships the key to making critical progress in Global Health?

When it comes to Global Health, there are a number of challenges that the global health community should be aware of and focused on. Many Read More

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How can we build better partnerships for global health?

For our Tuesday, July 27th Salon, we discussed partnerships and interoperability in global health systems. The room housed a wide range of perspectives, from small to large non-governmental organizations to donors and funders to software developers to designers to healthcare professionals to students. Our lead discussants were Josh Nesbit, CEO at Medic Mobile; Jonathan McKay, Global Head of Partnerships and Director of the US Office of Praekelt.org; and Tiffany Lentz, Managing Director, Office of Social Change Initiatives at ThoughtWorks We started by hearing from our discussants on why they had decided to tackle issues in the area of health. Reasons were primarily because health systems were excluding people from care and organizations wanted to find a way to make healthcare inclusive.

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‘Substantive’ U.S.-Africa Partnerships Could Help ‘Make America Great Again’ In Africa

The Hill: ‘Make America Great Again’ in Africa Rosa Whitaker, CEO and president of the Whitaker Group “…[H]ow might President Trump ‘Make America First Again’ in Africa? It starts with the recognition that the recent decline in U.S. influence was not inevitable and is only reversible by prioritizing economic engagement over social policies and aid.…More

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Why is it so hard for academics and NGOs to work together?

I attended the annual awayday of the LSE’s International Development Department last week (I’m on its books for a day a week as a ‘Professor in Practice’). It was actually surprisingly interesting (am I allowed to say things like that?). I was asked to talk about how academia can do better in forging partnerships with INGOs. Its an oldie-but-goodie, and I’ve written about it before …

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The Practice of Global Solidarity

What’s the difference between approaches to global development versus global solidarity?

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International Day Of Cooperatives Encourages More Partnerships To Achieve Sustainable…

U.N. News Centre: On World Day, U.N. hails cooperatives as drivers of sustainable future “Cooperatives are an old idea but more relevant than ever as they can be the drivers of a sustainable future, senior United Nations officials said on the International Day of Cooperatives [on Saturday], urging governments to create an enabling environment for…More

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We Need to Close the ICTforAg Partnership Gap

There was one panel discussion that really stuck in my mind from last week’s ICT4Ag conference, and in particular one speaker: Chris Burns from USAID during the plenary on How Can ICT Increase Food Security? This is not some fawning post to please the donor, but a true appreciation for the content of what Chris said and his eloquence in getting at what I see as really the heart of the matter in any ICT4D work: smart partnerships that leverage comparative advantages. It Takes a Village High-quality ICT work is never the result of one single organization’s efforts; by its very nature it involves multiple parties, from the content creators and the technologists to the channel providers and end users. Despite this inherent need for strong partnerships, we still struggle as a sector to execute on this knowledge—papers have been written about this topic, conference sessions convened, donor dollars put forth to address it. Too often we see development organizations trying, and failing, to do it all—either on their own or through ad-hoc initiatives by allocating a significant budget for a mobile messaging campaign without any funds to develop quality content, or launching a huge mobile data collection effort using a poorly designed tool that has a bad user experience and thus low usability

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Investments In Partnerships To Empower Women, Girls Can Benefit Global Society

Devex: What it means to create a ‘women’s health development army’ Tedros Adhanom, minister of foreign affairs and former minister of health for Ethiopia “…We will achieve a better future for girls and women if we make them the center of our actions and decisions. … In order to realize success, governments need to listen…More

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Global health partnerships: building multi-national collaborations to achieve lasting…

In response to health care challenges worldwide, extensive funding has been channeled to the world’s most vulnerable health systems.

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Mail & Guardian Africa Examines Increasing Partnering Of Aid Agencies, NGOs With Large…

Mail & Guardian Africa: The business of aid: there’s big money being made fighting poverty, disease and hunger “Aid agencies and NGOs are increasingly partnering with large corporations. New answer to global development — or just corporate welfare for the one percent? … The corporate takeover of aid is not just about co-financing projects with…More

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Partnerships in global health and collaborative governance: lessons learnt from the Division of…

In 2007 the “Crisp Report” on international partnerships increased interest in Northern countries on the way their links with Southern partners operated.

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Sustained Funding, Strong Partnerships Critical To Preventing Drug-Resistant Malaria

Friends of the Global Fight Blog: The Emerging Risk of Drug Resistant Malaria Maile Young, communications intern at Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, discusses malaria parasitic resistance to artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) in the Greater Mekong Subregion, which “could have potentially devastating consequences for the global fight to eradicate malaria.”…More

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Major partnerships are essential to address antimicrobial resistance

A global health partnership between countries is now an international priority. Infectious disease transcends borders, cultures, and demographics, leaving long-term devastating effects. Antimicrobial resistance is now widely recognised as a major threat to global health security. Infections caused by resistant bacteria can be endemic, or can occur as an epidemic.

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Leveraging Partnerships To Address Global Development

Devex: Innovating partnerships: USAID’s views on the future of partnership Chris Jurgens, leader of the global partnerships division in the USAID Office of Innovation and Development Alliances “…The U.S. Agency for International Development has a long history of partnering, and we are constantly seeking to evolve our approach to partnerships to respond to the changing…More

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