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News in the Humanosphere: Super typhoon strikes the Philippines, kills at least 8

One of the most powerful typhoons to ever hit the Philippines killed at least eight people on Thursday as ferocious gales and landslides destroyed tens of thousands of homes. Super Typhoon Haima struck late on Wednesday night with winds similar to those of catastrophic Haiyan in 2013, which was then the strongest storm to strike

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News in the Humanosphere: Former hit man says Philippine president ordered killings

An admitted former assassin has accused Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte of personally ordering extrajudicial killings – and, in one case, pulling the trigger. Government officials have forcefully rejected the allegations, with Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre calling the man’s testimony “lies, fabrications and a product of a fertile and a coached imagination,” Reuters reports. The explosive

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Post-disaster health impact of natural hazards in the Philippines in 2013

AbstractBackground: In 2011, the Health Emergency Management Bureau (HEMB) created the Surveillance for Post Extreme Emergencies and Disasters (SPEED), a real-time syndromic surveillance system that allows the early detection and monitoring of post-disaster disease trends.

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With Increasing Number Of HIV Cases In Philippines, Experts Worry About More Infections Among…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: FEATURE — Women and infants in Philippines at higher risk of HIV from “downstream” infections “…Along with Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka in the Asia-Pacific region, the Philippines saw the rate of new HIV infections increase by more than 25 percent from 2001 to 2011. Increasing infections among injecting drug users combined…More

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Number Of HIV Cases, AIDS-Related Deaths Increasing Among At-Risk Populations In Philippines

Los Angeles Times: The Philippines largely dodged the AIDS crisis. That’s changing. “…[I]n the Philippines, more than 20,000 new HIV infections were reported from 2010 to 2015 — more than four times as many as had been recorded in the 26 years before that. Along with India and Pakistan, the Philippines is seeing new infections…More

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Philippines’ Elimination Of National Contraception Program Funding Will Have Negative…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Philippines contraception funding cut will fuel HIV and maternal deaths: activists “The Philippines legislature’s decision to eliminate funding for contraception will fuel HIV infections, maternal deaths, and teen pregnancies, particularly among poor girls and women, reproductive rights advocates said on Friday. The decision to cut the $21 million contraceptive budget surprised and…More

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Needle-Sharing Among Drug Users Spreading HIV In Philippines’ Cebu City

The Atlantic: The City at the Heart of the Philippines’s HIV Epidemic “…In 2014, the Cebu HIV/AIDS Registry reported that 74 percent of the city’s 1,366 recorded HIV infections were due to needle-sharing. The [Department of Health] estimates that more than 50 percent of the roughly 6,000 intravenous-drug users in Cebu and its neighboring cities…More

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Fight for Contraceptives in the Philippines Drags On

Comprehensive birth control legislation has languished in the House of Representatives for the Philippines for years. The bill which aims to provide free birth control to poor Filipino families has languished in debate for some time. President Benigno Aquino is one of the high level proponents for the legislation that needs to clear both the house and the senate before appearing on his desk. Meanwhile, the Roman Catholic Church has proved to be a staunch and powerful opponent. An agreement to suspend the debate and move to a vote on Monday was met with cheers from supporters and cries from opponents.

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