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After Hurricane Matthew: PIH’s Impact in the South

Photo by Aliesha J. Porcena / Partners In HealthNurse Widline Louis-Juste (left) and Dr. Maurice Chery speak with a patient at the Lascahobas Cholera Treatment Center. Six months ago, Hurricane Matthew plowed across the southern tip of Haiti, leveling houses, sweeping away crops and livestock, and killing approximately 100 people in early October last year.

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Our Patients Will Die Without Foreign Aid

Jodanie Louis holds her son, Lovenyou, outside their home in Boucan-Carré, Haiti. Lovenyou has gone from severely to moderately malnourished under PIH’s malnutrition program.Photo by Cecille Joan Avila / Partners In Health Partners In Health is gravely concerned about deep and significant cuts in United States overseas development assistance in the budget proposed by President Donald J. Trump. As much of this aid is for health in some of the world’s poorest countries, these cuts will have a devastating impact on millions of people throughout the world.

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New Factory Director Boosts Nourimanba Production in Haiti

Photo by Cecille Joan Avila / Partners In HealthGuy-Thierry Nyam, the new director of the Nourimanba Production Facility, is an engineer with extensive experience in food processing. He starts a tour of the plant alongside sacks of locally grown peanuts. On a humid morning in November, Guy-Thierry Nyam welcomed visitors to the Nourimanba Production Facility in Corporant, Haiti. Dressed in a red polo and blue jeans, the native Cameroonian and new factory director easily blended in with workers filing into the air-conditioned facility. He peered through a set of windows in the lobby’s adjoining conference room to see a handful of employees, dressed in white lab coats and hairnets, preparing for the day’s first batch of Nourimanba—the nutrient-rich peanut paste used to treat malnourished children at PIH clinics

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Mexican Doctor Studies at PIH University in Rwanda

Photo by / Zacharias Abubeker for UGHE

Photo by / Zacharias Abubeker for UGHEDr. Kurt Figueroa (right) and Nurse Sebishyimbo François (left) see patients for their oncology consultations at Butaro District Hospital in Rwanda. Dr. Kurt Figueroa is a student at the University of Global Health Equity, a Partners In Health institution that launched in 2015 and trains health professionals in Rwanda how to manage the challenges of providing health care in poor places.

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We’re Guided by a Mission

A note from Partners In Health CEO Gary Gottlieb to our colleagues, partners, and supporters: Every presidential election, not least this most recent, reminds us what a great diversity of ideas makes up this world. At PIH, we're privileged to be guided by a mission that is clear and unifying, defined by inclusiveness and community. We've worked for 30 years to heal the world's most vulnerable people—and have done so in the face of challenges that seemed insurmountable, imposed by poverty, disease, and natural disasters. If any uncertainty lies ahead—and there is always some—then we will receive the challenge as we have every other. Our mission demands that we embrace those who need us most—with greater energy and focus, and with a relentless commitment to unify support from every quarter.

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A Typical, and Inspiring, Day with Eudeli Velasquez

Photo by Leslie Friday / Partners In HealthCommunity health worker Eudeli Velasquez at her husband’s family home in Reforma, Mexico. It’s not yet noon in Reforma, Chiapas, and the sun sizzles the empty dirt roads crisscrossing this small rural town in the Sierra Madre mountains. Those who venture outside walk slowly and stay within the shadows cast by overhanging corrugated metal rooves. Men wear wide-brimmed hats and women carry umbrellas to create personal bubbles of shade. Eudeli Velasquez, 23, stops by the Reforma health clinic and lingers in the cool of the awning

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Controversy over transparency: why non-profits need to disclose their “real” overhead ratio

“The fact is an average of 91 cents of every dollar the Red Cross spends is invested in our humanitarian services and programs.”[1] This is Read More

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Lesotho’s One-of-a-Kind Hospital

Off a shrub-lined road on the outskirts of Maseru, Lesotho’s capital, a dirt path leads to Botšabelo Hospital. The single-story, 24-bed facility overlooks a plateau stretching to flat-topped mountains. A single notebook registers visitors at the entrance. White vans labeled “Ambulance” are parked outside.

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The Many Lives of Georgina Díaz

Photos by Leslie Friday / Partners In HealthGeorgina Diaz, a community health worker for Partners In Health in Mexico, prepares to cook tortillas at her home in Reforma, Chiapas. It was still pitch black when Georgina Díaz’s alarm went off at 3 a.m. The 34-year-old single mother peeled herself from bed and started plugging away at the morning’s routine in Reforma, Chiapas. Roosters crowed, despite the absence of the sun, as she lit a corn husk and touched it to dry wood stacked in the outdoor stove behind her family home.

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New Center to Reinforce Battle against TB in Peru

Photos by William Castro Rodríguez / Partners In HealthDr. Leonid Lecca, executive director of PIH in Peru, discusses plans for the new Center for Global Health Delivery to be built on the outskirts of Lima. Partners In Health laid the first stone yesterday for the Center for Global Health Delivery, a three-story facility on the northern outskirts of Lima, Peru, that will be a hub for treating patients with multidrug- and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (or MDR- and XDR-TB). The center, which may be complete by the end of 2017, will also serve as a training site for health professionals interested in learning the nuances of TB care, as well as a research base for infectious disease experts. The first floor will house exam rooms and a state-of-the-art laboratory, and the second will house rooms for patients who require hospitalization

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The Stories Behind the Photos

Every Partners In Health patient has a story to tell. We take pride in telling the stories of our patients, doctors, community health workers and more through respectful and ethical photography. In honor of World Photo Day on August 19, we asked PIH employees to tell the stories behind the photos they’ve taken at our sites around the world. Mtemankhawa, Malawi, April 2014 “Showing the true nature of poverty through photographs is impossible; however, there are rare photographs that capture, at least as best as an image can, an authentic moment from someone’s life or community.

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PIH’s Summer Reading Picks

Photo by Zack DeClerck / Partners In Health From a long reading list that’s circulating around PIH this summer, we’ve handpicked 12 books that we think our supporters would also enjoy, with comments from staff on why. For scholars and wonks, there are a few spectacularly researched books on the big questions in global health. For fiction fanatics, we’ve included a couple of novels based in places where PIH works. For everyone in-between, the list is mainly nonfiction, ranging from the indispensable Mountains Beyond Mountains to a story about a doctor bringing peace in a war zone. Below, our recommendations.

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Dr. Paul Farmer: We Can’t Ignore Tuberculosis

As Partners In Health Co-founder Dr. Paul Farmer reminds us in "The Danger of Ignoring Tuberculosis," a recent article in The Atlantic, we can’t let the Zika virus or other emerging diseases distract us from working to eradicate deadly diseases such as tuberculosis. In addition to the need for newer drugs and a faster way to diagnose tuberculosis, particularly drug-resistant TB, Farmer stresses the need for the kind of community-based care that PIH builds and sustains around the world — where community health workers, nurses, and others visit patients regularly to help them stay on course with their TB treatment, which can last up to two years. “Without community-based care, I don’t see how it can work,” Farmer says. “There’s not a lot of evidence that anything else works.

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Graduates Step beyond Medical Training

Photo by J. Kiely Jr. / Lightchaser PhotographyRyan Schwarz (center) and his parents talk with Dr. Paul Farmer (right) at Schwarz’s graduation from the Doris and Howard Hiatt Residency in Global Health Equity and Internal Medicine. “We started losing friends our own age,” remembers Dr.

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