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Melinda Gates Discusses Need For Progress Toward Expanding Global Access To Family Planning

National Geographic: Opinion: Want to Empower Women Worldwide? Give Them Access to Contraceptives Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation “…When women are able to plan their pregnancies around their goals for themselves and their families, they are also better able to finish their education, earn an income, and fully participate in…More

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Family Planning Is Human Right, UNFPA Executive Director Says, Warning Of Detrimental Impacts…

Associated Press: U.N. official on Trump order: Family planning is a human right “The head of the United Nations Population Fund says a recent executive order by President Donald Trump on abortion-related funding will not affect the agency’s family planning services, but he insists that family planning is a human right. Babatunde Osotimehin told the…More

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Zika: Soaring demand for ‘abortion pills’ adds to pressure for reproductive rights reforms

Demand for abortions in countries affected by Zika has increased dramatically as women seek out ‘abortion pills’ online, according to a new study, adding to the pressure on governments to liberalize their laws on reproductive rights across Latin America. The research, published on Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine, is the first to

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Global Community Should Support Women’s Reproductive Rights, Abilities To Make Best Personal…

The Guardian: WHO advice that women at Zika risk delay pregnancy isn’t an abortion debate Ann Neumann, author “…It is the well being of women, not that of potential children, we are obligated as a global society to support. … Claims that the abortion of microcephaly fetuses amounts to eugenics have muted and complicated the…More

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Wilson Center Event Explores Zika’s Impact On Sexual, Reproductive Health, Rights Agenda

Woodrow Wilson Center’s Environmental Change and Security Program’s “New Security Beat”: How Zika Is Shaping the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Agenda Francesca Cameron, a program assistant with the Wilson Center’s Maternal Health Initiative, summarizes an April 12 Wilson Center event on Zika and women’s health and rights, during which a panel of experts…More

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IVF Ban lifted in Costa Rica: a success for reproductive rights?

Lynn M. Morgan is a medical anthropologist and professor at Mount Holyoke College (Massachusetts, USA),  she is author of ‘Icons of Life: A Cultural History of Human Embryos’.  This week, she turns her specialist understanding of reproductive health policy toward the recent lift of a ban on IVF in Costa Rica and unpacks the implications it has for women’s reproductive rights and multiple births. The lack of access to reproductive rights in Latin America can have unanticipated consequences. The Zika virus outbreak, for example, highlights the need for reproductive rights.

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Zika Outbreak In U.S. Could Raise Issues Of Reproductive Rights, Climate Change, Immigration…

POLITICO: America’s summer threat: Zika virus “…If the mosquito-borne virus linked to birth defects hits big — and that’s a big if — it could stir a panic like Ebola, set off an epidemic of finger-pointing, and create new fear and acrimony over reproductive rights, global warming, and immigration, all at the height of a…More

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Blog Post Examines Reproductive Rights In Light Of Zika Outbreak

RH Reality Check: Tackling Zika: Have We Learned Our Lesson on Rights? Luisa Cabal, chief of human rights and law at UNAIDS, and Mariangela Simão, director of rights, gender, prevention, and community mobilization at UNAIDS, discuss the Zika outbreak and reproductive rights. “…The response demands long-term commitments to three rights pillars: First, access to information…More

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Zika started a conversation about women’s health we should have already had

The Zika virus is spreading like wildfire across the Americas, and with it, a hard but imperative conversation about women’s health care. The presence of Zika is now confirmed in more than 25 countries, and the virus is suspected to be linked to a rise in microcephaly, a condition where babies are born with abnormally

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U.N. Women Head Calls For Expanded Reproductive Rights In Latin America Amid Zika Outbreak;…

CNSNews.com: Head of U.N. Women: Expand ‘Reproductive Rights’ in Zika-Affected Countries ‘Not Only Because of Zika’ But It’s the ‘Right Thing to Do’ “U.N. Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of U.N. Women Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka told CNSNews.com Tuesday that ‘reproductive rights’ of women in countries affected by the Zika virus must be advanced ‘not only because of…More

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Opinion Pieces Discuss Potential For Mosquito Elimination, Latin American Women’s Access To…

USA TODAY: Mosquitoes, this time it is war Alex Berezow, founding editor of RealClearScience and a member of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors “…It is time to launch a global initiative to eradicate [mosquitoes]. … Malaria, West Nile, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and various types of encephalitis are all transmitted by these tiny bloodsuckers. ……More

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They are children too: Adolescent mothers and the “1,000 Days” nutrition movement in Guatemala

I first met Carolina on a crisp, sunny morning in April 2014. A young Maya indigenous mother, she had been referred to my organization’s clinic Read More

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New Report Shows that HIV Positive Women in Chile are Facing Major…

The Center for Reproductive Rights has released,  Dignity Denied: Violations of the Rights of HIV-positive Women in Chilean Health Facilities ,  an in-depth investigation into the issue of discrimination against HIV positive women in Chile—specifically when seeking reproductive health services.  In an email I received from colleagues at the Center for Reproductive Rights, they wrote: “Over a period of six months, we spoke with 27 women in five different regions of Chile, gathering their stories. The research confirmed what we already knew from a previous study carried out by VIVO POSITIVO—women living with HIV/AIDS were frequently pressured not to become pregnant, were often scolded by healthcare workers for wanting to do so, and were sometimes pressured, coerced or forced to undergo surgical sterilization. The Center wanted to make clear that the abuse and mistreatment suffered by HIV-positive women are violations of their human rights…” Excerpt from the report: “In 2004, Julia received the good news that her viral load was undetectable. With this improvement in her health and after witnessing other HIV-positive women give birth to healthy, HIV-negative children, Julia and her partner decided to try for a child in consultation with a private physician

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