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Global health work: Reflective practice and the joy of letter writing

By Saqib Noor I remember lying in a flimsy hammock, hung between two tall raphia palm trees, swinging gently under a glistening African night sky. I Read More

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One mentor, dozens of nurses, thousands of healthier kids

“Okay,” says the driver quietly, “we’re here.” Quickly, Makhosazana Khoza gathers her paperwork, adjusts her badge, and steps from the van into the cool parking lot. It’s early in the morning, but already, several women and children are waiting outside the health facility in Empangeni Town. Years ago, they’d have been waiting to see Makhosazana. […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesInnovation is at the heart of SeattleThe impact inspired by a little girlWhy playtime for babies is serious business ;

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Delays and loss to follow-up before treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis following…

by Helen Cox, Lindy Dickson-Hall, Norbert Ndjeka, Anja van’t Hoog, Alison Grant, Frank Cobelens, Wendy Stevens, Mark Nicol Background South Africa has a large burden of rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis (RR-TB), with 18,734 patients diagnosed in 2014. The number of diagnosed patients has increased substantially with the introduction of the Xpert MTB/RIF test, used for tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis for all patients with presumptive TB. Routine aggregate data suggest a large treatment gap (pre-treatment loss to follow-up) between the numbers of patients with laboratory-confirmed RR-TB and those reported to have started second-line treatment. We aimed to assess the impact of Xpert MTB/RIF implementation on the delay to treatment initiation and loss to follow-up before second-line treatment for RR-TB across South Africa. Methods and findings A nationwide retrospective cohort study was conducted to assess second-line treatment initiation and treatment delay among laboratory-diagnosed RR-TB patients

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Why playtime for babies is serious business

“Hello, hello!”  Raquel Vasco smiles and greets parents and their babies as they enter the clinic for vaccinations and weighing. “I want to welcome you to the ‘play box.’” Raquel is a preventive medicine technician at Beluluane Health Centre in Boane District, Mozambique. She spends quite a bit of her daily routine around the serious […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesThe politics of pneumoniaWhat does the US election mean for global health?Oxygen is a matter of life and breath ;

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Petition asks BRICS to triple TB R&D funding

Categories: TBTags: Aaron Motsoaledi, Brazil, BRICS, China, India, Russia, South Africa, TAGGlobal tuberculosis treatment advocates and activists are asking leaders of the five countries that are home to almost half of all tuberculosis illnesses and deaths to triple their funding for research and development of new medicines and technologies to prevent, diagnose, and treat the leading infectious disease killer worldwide, on a petition that will be […](Read more…)

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Africa’s complicated relationship with the International Criminal Court

South Africa announced on Thursday it is withdrawing from the International Criminal Court (ICC). It came days after Burundi’s president signed a bill to also leave the court. Years of threats to leave and attempts to organize the African Union behind a mass departure finally led two countries to take action.

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Gambia becomes third African country to leave ICC, more withdrawals likely

Gambia’s information minister announced on television late Tuesday that the country is withdrawing from the International Criminal Court (ICC). Sheriff Bojang accused the court of a bias against African countries and leaders.

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Power in pivoting with Jacob Lief of Ubuntu Education Fund

Akash Ghai interviews Jacob Lief, who explains why he set up Ubuntu – and how pivoting from the money trail has allowed for a greater impact. The post Power in pivoting with Jacob Lief of Ubuntu Education Fund appeared first on WhyDev Blog.

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[Comment] Mortality trends in South Africa: progress in the shadow of HIV/AIDS and apartheid

In The Lancet Global Health, Victoria Pillay-van Wyk and colleagues1 report a large-scale analysis of more than 8 million deaths that occurred in South Africa over a 16-year period (1997–2012). The study provides important subnational information on mortality by province and by the different communities in South Africa—a feature that is a major improvement on the previous studies of the burden of disease in South Africa2 and the Global Burden of Disease study3—thus making this report more useful to policy makers and planners at national and provincial levels of the country.

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HIV infection rates increasing in 74 countries

DURBAN, South Africa — While the world has made progress reducing the number of people who die from AIDS every year by expanding access to life-saving drug treatments, many countries are increasingly failing to prevent the spread of HIV. That’s the disturbing gist of a new report released here at the 21st International AIDS Conference

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News Outlets Examine State Of HIV Epidemic In South Africa, Worldwide As International AIDS…

Global Health NOW: Return to Durban: IAS President Chris Beyrer’s Q&A, Part 1 “…Before International AIDS Society President Chris Beyrer departed for Durban, he sat down with GHN Editor-in-Chief Brian W. Simpson to share his thoughts on what to look for in the conference, the current state of the global fight against HIV/AIDS, and where…More

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Solar-powered irrigation promises relief to southern Africa, but is it sustainable?

Solar-powered irrigation has the potential to overcome the effects of drought throughout Africa as well as grow businesses to help overcome climactic shocks. But, in the face of unprecedented drought, can it overcome the challenges of growing water scarcity in rural areas of the developing world? Food insecurity among smallholder farmers, driven by drought in

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News in the Humanosphere: U.S. National Institutes of Health expands South Africa HIV vaccine…

The US National Institutes of Health announced that it is expanding an early-stage HIV vaccine clinical trial in South Africa due to very promising early results. The new study, called HVTN 702, is designed to determine whether the regimen is safe, tolerable and effective at preventing HIV infection among South African adults. The trial is

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CSIS Report Summarizes U.S. Congressional Trip To South Africa To Evaluate PEPFAR Strategy

Center for Strategic & International Studies: Energizing the Fight against HIV in South Africa Richard Downie, deputy director and fellow in the CSIS Africa Program; Audrey Jackson, senior fellow at the CSIS Global Health Policy Center; and Sahil Angelo, program manager and research associate for the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, report on a February…More

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