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The secret, hidden pricetag on your cola bottle

0000-0002-1767-4576The line at the convenience store is three people deep. Standing in front of me is a 40-something man with a bottle of cola and a newspaper. In front of him, a mother paying her utility bill accompanied by her young daughter. The mum and child leave, and the man moves forward to pay. “Two dollars?” I overhear him exclaim with surprise… “I remember when a bottle of cola was one!” As he pays and heads for the door, I too grab a newspaper and cannot help but notice the story on the front cover: the mounting crisis of costs from an obesity epidemic gripping not just the nation, but the planet – the economic and health systems already struggling to keep pace.

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Three wins this week, for tackling obesity

When it comes to obesity in Australia, the statistics are alarming – and generally getting worse. The national prevalence of obesity has increased significantly over the past few decades. Roughly three in ten Australian adults are now obese, with a further 36% classified as overweight. Together, that’s almost two in three of us. Seven in every 100 children are obese (and around one in four, overweight or obese) – an increase from almost zero in 1980

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WHO urges global action to curtail consumption and health impacts of sugary drinks

11 October 2016 | Geneva – Taxing sugary drinks can lower consumption and reduce obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay, says a new WHO report.

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A taste of change in the fight on obesity

This week on PLOS Translational Global Health, Dr Mats Junek and the team from NCDFREE explore Mexico’s success with progressive, fiscal food policies – and how in public health, it is the brave who lead us to a healthier future. In 2014, Mexican legislation placing a one peso per litre (approximately 10%) tax on all sugar sweetened beverage (SSB) sales came into effect. The average Mexican consumes 163 L of SSBs per year, the equivalent of 16 kg of pure sugar (1). Up to 14% of the population has diabetes, and over 70 000 people die each year due to complications of the disease. Action on this heavy burden of disease was overdue.

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WHO | Progress achieved in restricting the marketing of high-fat, sugary and salty food and beverage products to children

article published in July 2016 Source: WHO | Progress achieved in restricting the marketing of high-fat, sugary and salty food and beverage products to children

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Modelling the potential impact of a sugar-sweetened beverage tax on stroke mortality, costs and…

Stroke poses a growing human and economic burden in South Africa.

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A quest for a Healthy Tax Reform in Chile

This week on PLOS Translational Global Health, Sebastián Peña, MD, MSc, from the Department of Health, Municipality of Santiago discusses the Coordination of the Front for a Healthy Tax Reform. Chile is undergoing the largest tax reform since the return of democracy in 1989. The goal is to increase the tax revenue in $8,200 million to finance a deep educational reform that will provide free, public and quality education for all. In this context, the Government of Michelle Bachelet has included a raise in sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) and alcohol as “corrective taxes”. The reform seeks to increase an existing ad-valorem tax on non-alcoholic beverages of 13% to 18% for sugar-sweetened beverages.

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