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Please RSVP Now: Practicing the Principles for Digital Development in East Africa

Please RSVP now to join over 100 of your peers to learn how to put the Principles for Digital Development into practice in your organization on Thursday, October 12, 2017 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Principles for Digital Development are the distilled knowledge of hundreds of professionals and thousands of projects into nine best practice guidelines to improve the use of technology in development. The Digital Principles are currently endorsed by 81 organizations, including USAID, UNICEF, NDI, Grameen Foundation, IntraHealth International, SIDA, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and many more. The Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL), steward for the Principles, is now promoting their adoption around the world. We invite you to the first event, held Thursday, October 12, 2017 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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The stories show why foreign aid is worth the penny

For 40 years, PATH has worked with the US government, the private sector, and individuals in low-income countries to develop simple and cost-effective health solutions. Support from the US government has been crucial to PATH’s work to disrupt the cycle of poor health. However, the Department of State and the US Agency for International Development […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesA week in China with PATHInnovation: the key to an economic revolution in AfricaNew tools and a “zambitious” goal to end malaria ;

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Health care’s next revolution: digitized data to transform lives

The call for better global health data has been steadily getting louder. In a recent article, Melinda Gates noted that while the quality and use of these data are improving, significant work remains. Gates cited examples in malaria and family planning where data allowed the global health community to begin solving some of the most intractable […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesInnovation is at the heart of SeattleIn Davos, Rx for epidemics: tech partnershipsA chance to win at health ;

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Lessons from the front lines

Photo: PATH/Lynn Heinisch.

In the midst of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, a 21-year-old Guinean student came to a Dakar health clinic with symptoms of fever and diarrhea. The doctor considered Ebola, which had killed more than 1,000 people in neighboring Guinea. But the patient wasn’t bleeding. He denied having been in contact with Ebola patients […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesIn Davos, Rx for epidemics: tech partnershipsInnovation is at the heart of SeattleOur 8 favorite photos of 2016 ;

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Complementary Feeding and Diarrhea and Respiratory Infection Among HIV-Exposed Tanzanian…

Objective: To examine the association between complementary feeding and risks of diarrhea and acute respiratory infection (ARI) among HIV-exposed infants aged 6–24 months.

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Prevalence of intimate partner violence and abuse and associated factors among women enrolled…

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is recognised as an important public health and social problem, with far reaching consequences for women’s physical and emotional health and social well-being.

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Prevalence and clinical relevance of helminth co-infections among tuberculosis patients in…

by Francis Mhimbira, Jerry Hella, Khadija Said, Lujeko Kamwela, Mohamed Sasamalo, Thomas Maroa, Magreth Chiryamkubi, Grace Mhalu, Christian Schindler, Klaus Reither, Stefanie Knopp, Jürg Utzinger, Sébastien Gagneux, Lukas Fenner Background Helminth infections can negatively affect the immunologic host control, which may increase the risk of progression from latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection to tuberculosis (TB) disease and alter the clinical presentation of TB. We assessed the prevalence and determined the clinical relevance of helminth co-infection among TB patients and household contact controls in urban Tanzania. Methodology Between November 2013 and October 2015, we enrolled adult (≥18 years) sputum smear-positive TB patients and household contact controls without TB during an ongoing TB cohort study in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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Our 8 favorite photos of 2016

It’s a scene still too common in rural Africa: yellow jerry cans lined up at a water pump or faucet, as women and girls (almost always women and girls) collect water and haul the heavy, essential burden home. This photo from northern Uganda shows part of the story—what’s not shown is almost 100 more jerry cans lined up […] ; ; ; ;Related Stories7 household items we use to save livesWhy playtime for babies is serious businessA lifesaver powered by bicycle pump ;

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A lifesaving investment: $50 to save 10 newborns

My oldest daughter was born ten weeks early. She weighed less than 2.5 lbs and fit in the palm of her dad’s hand. Like many preemies, my daughter coughed, choked, and struggled when she tried to eat. She simply couldn’t coordinate the complex suck-swallow-breathe sequence babies must master to thrive. So I understand from first-hand […] ; ; ; ;Related StoriesA vaccine for malaria elimination?Les retombées du Brexit feront-elle perdre à l’Afrique tout espoir d’élimination du Paludisme?The role of innovation in ending preventable deaths of mothers and children ;

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What Is The True Cost of Collecting Performance Indicator Data?

We had a fascinating conversation a few weeks ago with a medical doctor who runs an HIV clinic in Tanzania. He offered an anecdote that powerfully illustrates an important issue that we’ve begun to uncover with our Results Data Initiative: Does the development community understand the total costs of collecting data for performance indicators? and Does the value of such indicators justify these costs? Register now for MERL Tech to debate which indicator data really matters, and the best way to collect it. Our friend, as we mentioned, founded and operates an HIV clinic that serves hundreds of patients

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Fly a Drone, Go to Jail! The Precarious State of UAV Regulations in 5 African Countries

We are now seeing multiple uses of drones for development. Unmanned aerial vehicles, aerial robotics, whatever you want to call them, are now finding practical uses across the African continent. For example: Mapping flood zones in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Delivering blood supplies in Rwanda Catching car thieves and oil smugglers in Nigeria. Improving farming practices in Tanzania And new primary research from FHI 360 shows that community members are often welcoming of UAV technology when they are consulted on its usage and management.

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Activists Welcome Efforts To End Child Marriage In Tanzania, Gambia But Say Tradition,…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Tanzania High Court rules against child marriage but cultural beliefs still a concern “A landmark court ruling raising the legal age of marriage for girls in Tanzania to 18 will have little impact in ending child marriage if parents continue to marry off their daughters for bride price rather than educating them,…More

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Tanzanian Men Who Marry School-Aged Girls Face 30-Year Prison Sentences Under Government…

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Tanzania launches crackdown on child marriage with 30-year jail terms “Tanzanian men who marry schoolgirls or get them pregnant now face 30 years in prison as the government takes tougher measures to tackle child marriage and teenage pregnancy. The East African nation has one of the highest adolescent pregnancy and birth rates…More

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Modeling solutions to Tanzania’s physician workforce challenge

Background: There is a great need for physicians in Tanzania.

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