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The Oxfam scandal exposes an industry wide problem – what next?

If you work in the aid and development sector, you’ll have done some soul searching and had a few difficult conversations with friends, donors, and colleagues* about ‘the Oxfam scandal’ this past week. Much has been written about the topic already. Here’s a (growing) compilation of 60+ posts (of varying degrees of quality). Many in the sector are now scrambling to distance themselves from Oxfam. They want to send a message, rid themselves of stain-by-association, and avoid the fallout.

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A cynic’s take on papers with novel methods to improve transparency

What is the signal we should infer from a paper using a novel method that is marketed as a way to improve transparency in research? I got to thinking about this issue when seeing a lot of reactions on twitter like “Awesome John List!”, “This is brilliant”,etc. about a new paper by Luigi Butera and John List that investigates in a lab experiment how cooperation in an allocation game is affected by Knightian uncertainty/ambiguity. Contrary to what the authors had expected, they find adding uncertainty increases cooperation. The bit they are getting plaudits for is then the following in the introduction:

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Data Transparency, Accountability ‘Vital’ To Addressing Global Health Threats

Huffington Post: Greater Transparency Called for in Global Health Security Jonathan D. Quick, senior fellow at Management Science for Health (MSH) “No More Epidemics is calling on all countries to publish their completed assessments of national capacities to prevent, detect, and respond to epidemic threats, known as the Joint External Evaluation (JEE). … Unless these…More

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Controversy over transparency: why non-profits need to disclose their “real” overhead ratio

“The fact is an average of 91 cents of every dollar the Red Cross spends is invested in our humanitarian services and programs.”[1] This is Read More

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Learning to ride

Natalie Jesionka prompts us all: it’s time to start being more transparent about the challenges and failures in our work. The post Learning to ride appeared first on WhyDev.

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Corruption flourishes amid ‘pathetic levels of transparency,’ watchdog group reports

Transparency is not a well-held ideal among many of the 100 fastest growing international companies based in developing countries. The average level of transparency among the companies fell in the past three years, according to Transparency International. The group argues that the lack of transparency allows corruption to thrive. “Pathetic levels of transparency in big

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Whose aid is most effective? Are generous donors less effective?

This blog post, co-authored with Petra Krylová and Theodore Talbot, first appeared on Views from the Center. When it comes to development aid, you might think that there is a trade-off between head and heart: that more generous donors would be less serious about making sure that their aid is used properly. There are some examples of this: Luxembourg has a large aid programme which appears to be relatively less effective compared to its peers; whereas Ireland, which spends a lower proportion of its national income on aid, has the most effective aid programme among the donors we were able to evaluate. But in a new CGD working paper, we find that these are indeed exceptions. In general, more generous donors tend also to be the most effective

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Transparency Critical To Development Aid Effectiveness

Humanosphere: Development aid is growing, but we still can’t track how most is spent Humanosphere reporter Tom Murphy discusses the importance of transparency for development aid spending, citing recent reports from Publish What You Fund and the OECD. He concludes, “When countries rely on foreign aid, they make decisions based on promises by donor countries.…More

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Publish What You Fund CEO Speaks About 2016 Aid Transparency Index In CGD Podcast

Center for Global Development’s “CGD Podcast”: A Quarter of Aid Is Transparent — What About the Rest? Podcast with Rupert Simons of Publish What You Fund In this podcast, Rajesh Mirchandani, vice president of communications and policy outreach at CGD, speaks with Rupert Simons, CEO of Publish What You Fund, about the organization’s 2016 Aid…More

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No, aid doesn’t cause corruption – the problem starts with us

Rupert Simons highlights that corruption is a global problem. In light of the Panama papers leak and recent media attacks on foreign aid, he discusses the findings of the newly published Aid Transparency Index. The post No, aid doesn’t cause corruption – the problem starts with us appeared first on WhyDev.

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10 Of 46 Largest Aid Donors Meet Transparency Commitments, Report Shows

Devex: Only 25 percent of aid meets transparency benchmark “More than five years after top donors pledged to make all aid transparent by 2015, data compiled in the Aid Transparency Index and released Wednesday by Publish What You Fund found that only 10 donors, responsible for only a quarter of all aid, are hitting the…More

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Statements Highlight Importance Of Development Aid Transparency

Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s “Voices”: Transparency on Development Aid Saves Lives Upon the release of Publish What You Fund’s 2016 AID Transparency Index, which listed the Global Fund among the top five donors for aid transparency, Mark Dybul, executive director of the Global Fund, discusses the fund’s commitment to transparency and…More

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How to Balance the Tension Between Open Data and Privacy and Security?

At the Digital Development: From Principles to Practice Forum, ICT4D practitioners came together to discuss the inherent tensions between open and interoperable data for transparency and performance improvement, while also protecting vulnerable populations’ privacy and respecting community concerns around data security. (Does this topic interest you? Then sign up for the Responsible Data Technology Salon) The session started with a high level overview of the pros and cons of open data (as seen through a privacy/security lens). Then breakout groups dove deeper into three subcategories – transparency, data for decision-making, and interoperability.

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U.S. Continues To Make Progress On Foreign Aid Transparency Despite Challenges

Center for Global Development’s “Rethinking U.S. Development Policy”: Shining the Light on U.S. Foreign Assistance Transparency — An Interview with Dennis Vega In an interview, Sarah Rose, senior policy analyst at CGD, speaks with Dennis Vega, managing director for planning, performance, and systems in the Office of U.S. Foreign Assistance Resources at the State Department,…More

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