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Building and Rebuilding: The National Public Health Laboratory Systems and Services Before and…


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Beware of pharmaceutical companies bearing cheap drugs

Pharmaceutical companies are for-profit enterprises that make their money by selling medicinal drugs. This might seem stupefyingly obvious, but it can get (briefly) obscured when these companies distribute shiny pamphlets suggesting that the promotion of human well-being is their ultimate mission or when they act in seemingly philanthropic ways. Scratch the surface, or just wait until the smoke clears, and the profit motive comes back into view. This is partly why bioethics workers find pharmaceutical companies fascinating and appalling: sometimes they offer a glimpse of what it would be like if powerful multinationals really threw their weight behind public health goals, but only a glimpse, because they inevitably veer off to make money and please their stockholders, sometimes in ways at odds with the ethics of research and health care. They are a kind of ethical rogue element.

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Predictive factors for a one-year improvement in nontuberculous…

by Gilbert Cadelis, Rodolphe Ducrot, Arnaud Bourdin, Nalin Rastogi Background Nontuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease (NTM-PD) has become an emerging infectious disease and is responsible for more deaths than tuberculosis in industrialized countries. NTM-PD mortality remains high in some series reportedly ranging from 25% to 40% at five years and often due to unfavorable evolution of NTM-PD despite established treatment. The purpose of our study was to search for early factors that could predict the favorable or unfavorable evolution of NTM-PD at the first year of treatment.

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Patients pathways to tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment in a fragmented health system: a…

India’s Revised National Tuberculosis (TB) Control Programme (RNTCP) offers free TB diagnosis and treatment.

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Public health implications of changing patterns of recruitment into the South African mining…

The triple epidemic of silicosis, tuberculosis and HIV infection among migrant miners from South Africa and neighbouring countries who have worked in the South African mining industry is currently the target o…

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Health for All at the International Institute for Primary Health Care, Ethiopia

The time is ripe for a revitalization of the primary health care (PHC) movement. “Health for All through Primary Health Care” (HFA) was first envisioned at the 1978 International Conference on Primary Health Care (World Health Organization and UNICEF), and was enshrined in the Declaration of Alma-Ata. The HFA goal of bringing essential, affordable, scientifically sound, socially acceptable  health care provided by health workers who are trained to work as a health team and who are responsive to the health needs of the community, guided by strong community engagement by the year 2000 but has not been fully met. Fortunately the vision of Alma-Ata has taken root, sprouted and flourished in a number of locations.

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IAS 2017: X-DR TB emerges in 1990s in South Africa fueled by HIV

Categories: IAS 2017PARIS – Extensively drug resistant tuberculosis emerged and was widely transmitted in South Africa long before it was spotted by public health surveillance efforts, and at least a decade earlier than the first reported outbreak in 2005, a  presentation Monday showed. The start of the spread was , concurrent with the steep rise in both HIV and […](Read more…)

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Performance of Clinical Prediction Rules for diagnosis of Pleural Tuberculosis in a…

Objectives Diagnosis of pleural tuberculosis (PT) is still a challenge, particularly in resource- constrained settings.

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Donor support for quality assurance and pharmacovigilance of anti-malarials in malaria-endemic…

Malaria control efforts have been strengthened by funding from donor groups and government agencies.

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Enhancing Civilian-Military Cooperation to Accelerate Malaria Elimination in Southeast Asia

Our colleague Sara Canavati attended the recent meeting on civilian and military collaboration to eli8minate malaria in Southeast Asia. Herein she shares some of the highlights of the meeting. Sara is affiliated with both the Centre for Biomedical Research, Burnet Institute, Melbourne, Australia and the Department of Clinical Tropical Medicine, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Bangkok. – – – – – – – – – – The Heads of State from ASEAN member nations stated their commitment to an “Asia Pacific free of Malaria by 2030” at the 9th East Asia Summit.

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Bedaquiline effective, safe, manageable across wide range of settings, five-continent data show

Categories: UncategorizedData on patients treated with one of the two newest tuberculosis medicines in 15 countries across five continents show that the treatment, which represents a last resort for hundreds of thousands of people with drug-resistant strains of disease, can be administered safely in a wide range of settings, and bring greatly improved outcomes compared to […](Read more…)

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Health care waste management in community-based care: experiences of community health workers…

In South Africa, community health workers (CHWs) working in community-based care (CBC) programmes provide care to patients most of whom are living with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB).

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Stockouts among obstacles to TB/HIV treatment monitoring, training evaluation finds

Categories: HIV/AIDSTraining may have supported care outcome improvements In South Africa, where in 2014 an estimated 6,8 million people were living with HIV, and where an estimated 450,000 people became sick with tuberculosis that year, healthcare providers equipped to meet their needs are stretched thin, and training to help nurses manage patients who are infected with […](Read more…)

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WHO TB Guidelines updated to reflect effective patient-centered practices

Categories: TBWith an emphasis on treatment that reaches all people sick with tuberculosis, and systems responsive to and supportive of patients, the World Health Organization has released an update to its tuberculosis care guidelines, highlighting issues that many of the countries with the highest burden of TB disease continue to fall short of confronting. The update […](Read more…)

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