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The People Behind the Numbers: Diabetes Lessons from Guatemala

This entry was originally posted at Global Health Now. It’s easy to become numbed by the global diabetes epidemic. Almost every week, it seems, new numbers are released Read More

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2-24-16 PLOS Medicine AMA Preview: Looking toward the future of diabetes prevention with Dr….

In advance his PLOS Science Wednesday AMA, Sanjay Basu, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Stanford University Prevention Research Center, answers questions from PLOS Social Media Associate Sara Kassabian. The burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is growing globally, with

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This Week @PLOS Medicine: Inflammation Links Social Adversity, #GBD2012 reflections…

Image Credit: tup wanders, Flickr This week PLOS Medicine publishes the following new articles: Diabetes is strongly associated with socioeconomic status: low income, low education, and low occupational status are all linked to a higher risk for type 2 diabetes. Silvia Stringhini and colleagues analyzed data from the ongoing Whitehall II study, which has followed a group of British civil servants since the mid-1980s, and report that a substantial part (roughly 1/3) of this association appears to be attributable to chronic inflammation. Future studies could test interventions that reduce chronic inflammation to determine the extent to which social inequalities attributable to chronic inflammation are reversible. Nathan Ledeboer and colleagues report that a new automated diagnostic test (the Verigene BC-GP test) can quickly and accurately identify most leading causes of Gram-positive bacterial blood stream infections and the presence of three antibiotic resistance genes. The new technology could lead to faster diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from sepsis (a life-threatening condition typically triggered by a bacterial infection in the bloodstream).

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