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What we’re reading: Insights on global health policy, and why, when funding doesn’t support…

Categories: What we’re readingGoalkeepers: The stories behind the data – A companion piece to the data-dense Lancet review of health-related goals for 2030  released Tuesday, the stories behind the data told here focus on policies and practices that are pushing progress — through patient-focused health services, targeted use of new technologies, and greater investments — now. While acknowledging […](Read more…)

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We’re reading about pandemic preparedness (or lack thereof) and why global health is local…

Categories: Transition 2017, What We’re Reading About the 2017 Transition, What we’re readingCutting collaborations will not put “America first” – This commentary in Nature by a Syrian pulmonologist whose 2001 Fogarty funded research advanced understanding of a health-impacting trend in his country and in the United States, highlights the cross border benefits of the Center’s international scientific collaborations more directly and succinctly than anything I’ve read so far. […](Read more…)

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Cut funding to health research, services, aid? We’re reading responses . . .

Categories: What we’re readingScientific Drought, Golden Eggs, and Global Leadership – Why Trump’s NIH Funding Cuts Would Be a Disaster – This New England Journal of Medicine Perspective piece unpacks the most significant cut ever proposed by a U.S. president to the National Institutes of Health, and the impacts it would have on American leadership in science, the […](Read more…)

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We’re reading about tuberculosis, and why one day a year is not enough

Categories: TB, TB, What we’re readingFriday was the official World TB Day, a single calendar page set aside to send the message that TB continues to spread — with 10.4 million cases last year, a million among children — that TB continues to take a needless toll — of 1.8 million in 2016 alone, that drug-resistant TB poses a growing worldwide threat, and […](Read more…)

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We’re reading about science and advocacy, in prioritizing TB, HIV, “security,” more

Categories: What we’re readingOpen letter to the WHO to put #TBontheList – “WHO: When you make a mistake, fix it,” former CDC head Dr. Tom Frieden tweeted last week, after TB research and response advocates reacted to the World Health Organization’s omission of tuberculosis from its a list of “priority pathogens” demanding urgent research and development efforts. Now […](Read more…)

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We’re reading about monitoring infectious diseases around the world, and how irresponsible…

Categories: What we’re readingFour steps to precision public health – What if when the first Zika cases in Miami broke out, the entire nation had been declared in a state of emergency? That probably wouldn’t have made for a very efficient response. But in resource-limited countries where speed and focus in responding to infectious disease outbreaks are all […](Read more…)

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World AIDS Day: We’re reading about history, progress, gaps, and the costs of inequities

Categories: HIV/AIDS, What we’re readingThe AIDS.gov Timeline of HIV/AIDS, first posted in 2011 and updated since, is  a good place to go for a look at the winding path of recognition and response to HIV. From the announcement of the “Rare Cancer Seen in 41 Homosexuals” to the formation of the first community based response of the Gay Men’s […](Read more…)

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Meeting the enemy of antimicrobial resistance (and it is us), replenishing the Global Fund, and…

Categories: What we’re readingAhead of the fifth conference to replenish the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria this week, and the United Nations high-level meeting next week to confront the global threat of antimicrobial resistance, we’re brushing up on the background and implications of the events. We’re also taking a look back, with a round-up of […](Read more…)

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It’s a small world after all . . . We’re reading about Ebola, Zika, yellow fever and…

Categories: What we’re readingWhy Congress’ Zika impasse could awaken Ebola menace – Remember 2014, when out of the clear blue sky, Ebola broke out across three West Africa countries, crippling their capital cities, going on to take more than 11,300 lives in 6 countries, including the United States before it was controlled? The lessons from that experience left […](Read more…)

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A worldwide obstacle course through the first HIV 90, the UN and “a high-level failure,”…

Categories: What we’re readingToday is National HIV Testing Day; every day can be — This opinion piece by Dr. Carlos del Rio, a physician who is chairman of the HIV Medicine Association and of the Rollins School of Public Health’s Department of Global Health, comprehensively rounds up current obstacles to the first step to personal and public health that HIV […](Read more…)

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The forgotten killer, a need for shorter, better treatment, a measure of failures to diagnose…

Categories: TB, What we’re readingEnergizing the fight against HIV/AIDS in South Africa – A  history of inequality, a government’s long refusal to acknowledge the virus, a donor relationship in perpetual transition . . . these are among the challenges to controlling HIV in this epicenter of the pandemic. But, this report notes, one of the biggest challenges to success […](Read more…)

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An imperative for secrecy, a barrier to services, a driver of an epidemic . . . We’re…

Categories: HIV/AIDS, What we’re reading‘The mercurial piece of the puzzle’: Understanding stigma and HIV/AIDS in South Africa – The role of stigma in challenges to HIV responses, including adequate funding, sound policies, access to services, the numbers of people diagnosed, the numbers of people for whom treatment is uninterrupted, and more, is difficult to assess because the word, used […](Read more…)

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It’s the treatment, stupid! We’re reading why medicine is the best medicine for infectious…

Categories: What we’re readingTags: DREAMS, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Michael Gerson, Mozambique, Treatment Adherence Clubs, UNAIDS, ZambiaWhy Africa’s HIV crisis continues . . . – This opinion piece by Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson is troubling both in its assumptions and its glaring omissions. As a key Bush Administration advocate for the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, Gerson is familiar with the conditions and challenges that have fueled the […](Read more…)

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TB transmission in Nebraska, the story of one Ebola outbreak, Zika’s impact on travelers and…

Categories: What we’re readingIt’s a small world after all, the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report released today shows Possible Airborne Person-to-Person Transmission of Mycobacterium bovis – A bacteria that mainly affects cattle, Myobacterium bovis is a type of TB that can spread to humans who consume unpasteurized dairy products. That’s what public health officials believe happened to […](Read more…)

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