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What I learned from the BEES about women’s empowerment and nutrition

About four years ago, I started coordinating a knowledge and learning network, which we ultimately named Business, Enterprise and Employment Support (BEES) for women in South Asia. This network was a first for the Bank in South Asia because it comprised leading civil society organizations in eight South Asian countries* —not our typical clients—and it focused on sharing knowledge across borders about what works for women’s economic empowerment. I remember being told at the time to focus only on economic empowerment of women—don’t give in to “mission creep.” That was impossible. 

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Is a sanitary pad enough?

In a timely lead-up to International Women’s Day on Saturday, this almost incredible story, about an uneducated South Indian man inventing a low-cost technology to make sanitary pads more widely available to rural women, has been doing the social media rounds.

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What’s the added value of bringing together projects on the same issue in lots of countries?

I’m always on the look out for particularly interesting and innovative Oxfam projects, and usually big them up on this blog (think Tanzania, Tajikistan, We Can). After a few years of doing this, one of the striking (and depressing, at least for me) things is how seldom these pioneering projects have (so far, anyway) been

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Banda’s Push for Women’s Empowerment Through Health and Education

Malawian president Joyce Banda sat down with CSIS to chat about how to support women’s empowerment in Malawi. She points to the importance of ensuring that women are healthy and have adequate services as a key part of supporting their empowerment. “It is only when a women is economically empowered that she begins to make critical decisions about her health…I have found in the many years I have worked with women that when a women is economically empowered that she can negotiate at household level with her husband about the number of children that body of hers can have,” explains Banda. The interview features scenes from across Malawi of women going about their daily lives. A key area is prevention of deaths of mothers and young girls.

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